Brand Monitoring Tips

Ongoing brand mention monitoring online is the foundation of successful brand management, brand reputation management and better sales and marketing performance in general.

Many companies try to avoid it because it is complex and time consuming however now there are some pretty simple and affordable approaches to effectively monitor your brand mentions daily without wasting time at all.

Here are 5 easy ways you can benefit from tracking your brand mentions:

1. Managing bad news
Every company small or big sometimes have issues with customers or other stakeholders. These days news are spread easily online. Most social media users spend time on their favorite social media channels every single day. With a click of a button they can share experiences, opinions and forward links to content created by others. When bad news, opinions or experiences are shared online it is critical for you to handle them the right way. First of all, you should be able to track and monitor your mentions online effectively (more on this later) so you are aware of the latest developments. Without knowing your latest mentions things can easily get out of control. When you are able to see your mentions you can engage immediately in the conversations. For example, if your customer is complaining online about your business you should engage as soon as possible. One of the effective strategies is to engage this customer directly and offer a way to talk to the customer offline and fix any issues. If you are able to do that the customer will appreciate it and the conversation will shift from one direction to another – sometimes fixing issues on time can even benefit your business.
2. Managing good news
In other cases your customers and other stakeholders share good news and opinions about your business. This is great but this is also an opportunity for your company to leverage the news and take them to the next level. Good news should be used further by sharing the content in other media and other channels. In addition they can be used as references and even companies use them for creating case studies used for their prospects in the sales and marketing process. Taking into account that new prospects will research your company online, finding these types of information about your business is priceless – they can even be the greatest asset to get new clients and customers.
3. Continuity
Having the discipline of continuous monitoring of your brand mentions online is critical. You can use these two tips above to create value for your business however doing so once in awhile means missing important opportunities for your business. Your business, products, brands, events… are mentioned daily online and it is very important to follow them daily. There are many brand monitoring tools and services available today for any budget and any business need so you should evaluate them and chose the right tools or service for your business.
4. and budget
Business managers, consultants and sales and marketing managers must follow their mentions online however it takes hours to browse online and find your mentions. Even with investing hours every week you can still miss important updates and conversations where your name has been mentioned. From a strategic point of view as well as as a tactical point of view it is an important decision to develop an online monitoring strategy and tactics. The key questions to be considered are: How much time and/or money should be invested? How important is this for your business?
5. Critical online channels for your business
Every business is unique in a way and the critical media and channels for your business can be different and unique as well. However one of the major mistakes companies make is that they do not consider them as “online companies” and they think that the reason they do not use internet for marketing means their mentions online are not important. Even traditional and old fashion “offline” businesses are mentioned online frequently. You should identify your top 5 channels where your prospects and customers are engaged daily and develop a habit of following these conversations daily. Your competitors might do this already!
As a conclusion, it is critical to have a reliable and ongoing brand mention monitoring process in place for every business. The decision what approach to be used will depend on the budget, time availability, other resources available and of course the business requirements. Brand monitoring can even be an effective lead generation and customer acquisition process. When you identify someone asking questions and looking for more information on your business or industry this is a great timing and opportunity to engage!