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Need a quick and easy way to organize your business data? Check out our range of business excel templates! From spreadsheet templates to invoice templates, we have everything you need to get your work done quickly and easily. Plus, our templates are designed in a user-friendly format, so you’ll be able to customize them to fit your specific needs.

Business Excel Templates

Business Excel Templates are a great way to save time and make work easier. You can find templates for just about everything, from sales letters to project outlines. For example Business Excel templates that may be of interest are sales letters templates, project management templates, time management templates, sales templates, marketing templates…

The benefits of using business Excel templates:

  • Speed – business Excel templates can help speed up the creation of a spreadsheet by providing predefined formulas and formats.
  • Accuracy – business Excel templates are often designed with specific features in mind, such as financial calculations or managing large files. This means that they are more accurate and error-free than creating a spreadsheet from scratch.
  • Efficiency – using a business Excel template will save time because you won’t need to learn all of the formulas and formatting yourself. Instead, the template will take care of most of the work for you.
  • Looks – business Excel templates often include design features, such as color schemes and logo placement, that can help make your spreadsheet look professional.
  • Customization – you can tailor a business Excel template to your own needs by changing the formulas and formatting. This means that you can create a spreadsheet that is exactly tailored to the tasks that you need to carry out.

KPI Development Template

Quick Guide and Model for Developing Effective Key Performance Indicators. Use this quick guide and the KPI Development Brainstorming PDF Template with your Excel Dashboard Templates to make sure you develop the KPI / metrics system relevant to your strategy and business.

Download this PDF template here

Actual vs. Target Value Excel Chart

Excel Chart to Compare Actual vs Target Values for Multiple Metrics. Comparing actual values against predefined targets is a very common requirement in creating business charts and dashboard reports. Every manager has its own budgets, goals and objectives and of course targets to be met.

Download this excel template here

30 60 90 Days Sales Plan Template

Plan your sales and marketing tactics and strategies with this simple 30 60 90 days sales plan method….

Download this sales template here

Marketing Plan Template and Guide: The 4 Elements of Successful Marketing Plan

Before starting to create and write your marketing plan there area some key elements you need to cover. This will save you time and help you focus on what really matters for your marketing plan, strategy and system. Learn more about these four critical components and use the template to define your own critical success factors….

Download this marketing template here

Whale Curve Excel Template for Customer Profitability Analysis and Reporting

Creating your whale curve in Excel is very simple – use this template and short tutorial to create your whale Excel chart. Make sure you read the note on customer profitability at different levels like gross vs. net margins for performing reliable analysis and making the right decisions. The Whale Curve can be misleading because users can visually see the overall profitability impact of the bottom customers….

Download this excel template here

Employee Performance Review Template

This HR and employee management template is very useful to help your employee performance reviews process. Download the free copy of the Employee Performance Review Template here and print one copy for every employee that you need to evaluate.

Download this PDF template here

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT template for PowerPoint, Word and PDF. Use the Word and PowerPoint SWOT Analysis templates to customize and fill out your info. Use the SWOT PDF if you prefer to write down ideas on paper.

Download free SWOT templates here

Regional Sales Chart

This excel template allows you to compare business sales for three regions on one grouped excel chart. This is an example on how you can group multiple excel charts into a single chart for easy comparison. The advantage of this approach is that each chart uses its own range based on the individual data.

Download this excel template here

Project Charter Template

A Project Charter is known as a report on the project scope, goals and team members within the project. This is the essential file to make certain that absolutely everyone engaged on the project understands the role as well as the goals and objectives.

Download Word and PDF templates here

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator is easy to use tool for quick customer analysis. This tool allows you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention Rate, and Overall Customer Lifetime Value. You can perform what-if analysis to see how different variables will drive the Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability and plan business strategies for improvement.

Download this excel template here

Competitive Alternative Map for Market Positioning

Competitive Alternative Map for Market Positioning allows you to rank your business and benchmark with your top competitors. You can type your key differentiators and analyze your competitive position in the marketplace. This is a very good exercise for analyzing and planning your strategy.

Download this excel template here

Supplier Comparison Chart

Supplier Comparison Chart is easy to use tool for purchasing, supply chain, and quality management professionals. Rank and visually compare suppliers on critical quality features. You can use the current quality drivers or type your own business specific drivers.

Download this excel template here

Income Statement Dashboard

5-year Income Statement Dashboard with visual indicators. Type your data and change categories to reflect your business. Analyze your financial data and print your reports.

Download this excel template here

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Word Template – Organize your SWOT information in this simple one-page SWOT Analysis template for Microsoft Word.

Download this word template here

Break-Even Analysis Template

This excel break-even analysis chart creates chart with +/- 50% of the revenue you specify so you can see how sensitive is your business model / cost structure.

Download this excel template here

Go / No Go (GNG) Analysis Matrix

This template is a decision matrix for go / no go analysis generally used for risk management in strategy development, project management, and investments. The GNG matrix compares the advantages and disadvantages of go / no go alternative decisions.

Download this word template here

Sales Pitch Template

Learn How to Write a Sales Pitch that will Improve your Sales Pitch Presentation. Many people struggle when it comes to creating their best sales pitches. However, this easy sales pitch template will help you break down the most important things and generate many sales pitch examples, ideas and approaches for your next sales presentation…

Download this PDF template here

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