Business Expense Spreadsheet Template Free

Free Business Expense Spreadsheet Templates

Developing a business expense spreadsheet template for your organization can save you a lot of headache going forward. Some persons might discredit this and say it’s not all that necessary but it’s more important than they think. You have all different types of ways and techniques to calculate different budgets in an organization.

Focusing just on expenses and knows where your money is being spent and how much, is very important. It helps to give you an overall different perspective on your organization. It will also alter your business decisions so you can focus more on cutting cost and improving your margins.


Business Expense Spreadsheet Template Free
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Creating an expense template is also pretty simple. You have a lot of softwares online that can help you with that. Excel for example is an awesome one that a lot of persons use daily to record and visualize their business data and you can capitalize on it as well.

The only problem is that it has a very steep learning curve. But once you’ve got over that you are open to use a lot of features to create unique applications to suit your preferences. If you don’t want to learn Excel you can simply download a business expense template off the internet. Excel has a wide community of persons who are dedicated to creating that stuff. You can just simply search for it, download it, next load it up and you’re ready to go.

If you are dedicated to learning Excel you can follow the steps below on how to create a simple business expense spreadsheet template. This will also be good for you because although this technique is very simple.

You can follow along and learn a lot of interesting tools and features. After this you can take your learning experience elsewhere. By going online and searching for new tutorials so you can learn new stuff in Excel.


How to Create Business Expense Spreadsheet Template Free


1. Firstly you are going to gather all your data in an organized manner.

2. You are going to then create 3 main columns. These are budget, actual and difference ($).

3. On the far left you are going to create 3 new sub-columns these are personnel, operating and total expenses.

4. Under personnel you are then going to have three columns office, store and sales people.

5. Under operating you are going to have the following taxes, advertising, bad debts, delivery cost, depreciation, employee benefits, interest, legal and auditing, rent or mortgage and sales expenses. You are also going to include total expenses right at the bottom.

6. Total expenses are going to calculate all your expenses. To make Excel do all the work for you instead of you entering all the values in a calculator. That can be tedious and mistakes can always happen. You are going to choose all the values you want to be in the calculation. Go on the home tab, click on autosum and you’re done.

7. The last thing left for you to do is to calculate the difference. There are no subtract function in Excel but to do this you can simply subtract the different values from each other.

Firstly put an equal sign in the difference column. Then based off of the location of the values which you can easily find by using the column letter and row number. You are going to minus them from each other in that difference column.

So if the location of the budget and actual columns are i7 and j7. You are going to have =i7-j7 in the difference column, press enter and you will see your end result.

In summary as you can see by looking at the example created above. A business expense spreadsheet template can be easily created in Excel.

By following this technique you can create a simple one for your organization. If you want to create a more advanced one. You can find a lot of tutorials online but this tutorial is pretty simple and the template is very effective. look an example of one below.