The Elements of Business Growth System

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If you look in a dictionary, “system” is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. Based on another definition, system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done – an organized scheme or method.

If we want to define a business growth system, it will be a system that is optimized and streamlined for growth. One of the most important characteristic for business users is that the business growth system needs to be reliable, predictable and optimized.

Reliable Business Development System

To be able to forecast and plan growth you need a reliable system. While your business system will never be perfect, it should be able to give you a good estimate of future performance based on your strategies and activities.

In addition, your system has to be optimized or streamlined. You don’t want to waste time and resources if you don’t have to. You are trying to get your results done with as little resources as possible in a minimum time possible.

The business growth system is more than a business strategy. Strategy by itself is a game plan to achieve your business goal or mission. However, while most companies have no shortage of strategies, the execution part is where the difference is made between winning businesses and companies that don’t perform well.

This means that your business development system must integrate the goals, strategies and the implementation part – in one high performance system.

If you don’t have a well performing business system, here are the 3 elements you need to put together and streamline all of them into a one system

  1. Your business goals and strategies
  2. Your action plans and activities
  3. Your results monitoring system

However, there is one important thing – the diagnosis part. This is more than doing business analysis or looking at your results!

It is an activity performed by a skilled business strategist to identify the reasons behind high performance or the causes of poor performance. This is where you need to identify the bottlenecks in your business processes and overall system.

All things being equal, focusing on improving your bottlenecks versus spreading your resources and time all over the place, will make an enormous difference for your business.

The SAR system by Mr. Dashboard, was developed based on working in the field of management consulting. It stands for strategy, action, results.

It is a very simple formula but powerful system that can deliver the optimum results for your company.

The SAR formula: Strategy + Action = Results

Based on this formula, the entire SAR system was developed and at the same time it is used for identifying opportunities and issues on time.

The SAR is an online app for developing and managing your business growth system
It simplifies the way you work and in addition if you use it daily it will help you improve your current business results.

The system and app includes:

Strategy map tool

You can define and organize your strategies

Action plan tool

For each strategic objective you can develop action plan

Daily activities tool

You can allocate your action plan items to your daily activities

Online KPI dashboard

You can use the online dashboard to track your results and

Idea generator tool

The idea tool helps you generate new ideas for your business

While for new or inexperienced business managers this might seem complex – the reality is that developing your system with SAR is very simple. The app includes video tutorials teaching you how to use the system and how to think about your business to continuously grow and improve. This is the skills that every serious manager needs to develop and use.

The system is online so you can work anytime from anywhere. You can work by yourself or use a team account to share with other users in your business.

Learn more and subscribe to Mr. Dashboard online app here: Mr Dashboard Online