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How to Create Your Professional, Effective and Winning Business Plan

Without Wasting Your Time and Money

And Focus On What Really Matters For Your Business:

This business plan system has been developed to help business professionals throughout the entire business plan process – to develop, create and write their business plan

Why this approach always works? Because the main objective is to create a meaningful business plan. Business plan which makes sense for you will make sense for investors, management, employees and each and every stakeholder and in addition it’ll create outstanding strategies and results for your business.

Creating successful business plan generally takes a lot of time, frustration, resources, brainpower and money. But that’s not all. The biggest challenge is using the right approach in this process.

Where to start? What to do next? What kind of reports I need? How do we create financial projections? Should we create templates? What about marketing plan? What is the right flow of information… and the list of questions goes on and on.

Next, after you figure out and answer all these questions, the challenge is how to incorporate and organize all the required information together? What to do first… next?

The major decision you need to make is whether you should try to study and answer these and many more questions or rather use a proven business plan system and invest the time into actually creating your business plan and creating value for your business.

Generally, people have many brilliant ideas and they know everything they need but everything is lost by simply not being able to communicate in an effective and professional way.

If you have many frustrations at this stage you are not alone. Luckily you came to the right place. We have developed many business solutions during the years and we always do that with the end user in mind.

We create approaches where users invest minimum time and get the maximum results for their business. We developed the system, approach and the total solution you need to create your winning business plan.

There are countless products that promise various solutions but non of them will take care of the entire business plan development process and deliver the end product – a complete professional and working business plan.

What is unique about this business plan package? It provides the total solution for developing and writing your business plan including creating a professional business plan with financial projections and statements… In addition it is designed for you to work on many different parts simultaneously as your ideas flow during the process. This will save you time and help you focus on what really matters.


This business plan solution includes two individual products:

(1) The Business Plan Writer Software

(2) The Financial Business Plan Templates for Excel

which is everything you need to develop, write and maintain your business plan.


The Business Plan Writer Software by Mr Dashboard is an effective and simple solution to the complex process of writing a business plan.

This easy-to-use software is used together with the Financial Business Plan Excel Templates by Mr Dashboard. These two products included in this package give the users everything they need to develop a professional business plan and create effective business plan document for any purpose.

The process of writing a business plan is a time consuming experience even for those who have created many business plans. It is often a frustrating experience for many business professionals and can take up to a week of hard work to start, create and finalize all the sections of the business plan from executive summary and company overview to sales and marketing and financial projections and analysis.

The main reason why many people find the business plan creation process hard is because there are many tasks which must be accomplished.

For example, writing a business plan, you need a marketing strategy, business strategy, sales plan as well as financial statements analysis… This requires knowledge and experience in various business disciplines and functions… as well as having creative ideas and strategies.

However with the right tools, writing and developing your business plan can be simple and straightforward process.

How to use the Business Plan Writer Software

The business plan writing software covers all the areas of developing effective and successful business plan and allows you to work simultaneously on multiple sections at the same time – this is generally driven by how you generate ideas as you prepare your business plan. You can use the software and develop your business plan in an hour if you have all the ideas and information you need or you can use it over a few days and as you come up with new ideas and time to work you can simply enter your thoughts into the software.

When you are done you can create your business plan document simply by clicking a single button. Your document can be copied and pasted in any application you use like Google Docs or SkyDrive or you can export your business plan in Microsoft Word with a simple click and use the familiar Word formatting tools to finalize the look of your document.

Business Plan Writer Software Quick Tutorial and Business Plan Outline:

Tab 1: Entries used in the business plan cover page:

1. Company Information
2. Company Name
3. Company Address
4. Phone Number
5. Fax Number
6. Email

Tab 2: Executive Summary

The executive summary is one of the most important parts of your business plan. In many cases the executive summary is the first section read by anyone and part of your plan the readers will review more than once. Your executive summary can make or break your business plan so it deserves a special attention.

While the final draft of your executive summary will be written last, you can use this part to start your business plan writing process because it will help you setup your ideas to move forward in the process.

1. Short company history
2. Mission Statement
3. Company Highlights
4. Products and Services
5. Financial Highlights
6. Purpose of the plan

Tab 3: Company Overview

The company overview section of your business plan gives the reader a general idea of your company including:

1. The legal status of the business
2. Number of employees
3. The ownership of the business
4. The Management Team who will implement the plan and execute the strategies
5. The Organizational Structure (a general description of how your business is organized (locations, managers, business functions, hierarchy…)
6. Company Locations
7. Competitive Advantage (what makes this business uniquely competitive compared to typical competitors)

Tab 4: Company Analysis

The company analysis section goes into more details by analyzing your business. This helps the management as well as the readers to truly understand the logic and competence of the company and the business model:

1. Industry / Market Overview
2. Typical Customers
3. Typical Competitors
SWOT Analysis:
4. Strengths
5. Weaknesses
6. Opportunities
7. Threats

Tab 5: Goals and Strategy

Your business plan is all about setting and achieving business goals by implementing your business strategies. The plan is the tool which will help you achieve better future performance for your business so it is crucial to set your goals, objectives and strategies for your business:

1. Major goals or strategic goals
2. Major objectives (objectives help you achieve your goals – they break down your goals into specific objectives you need to achieve)
3. KPIs and Metrics (this part answers the question ‘How you are going to measure your progress’). Defining your KPIs (key performance indicators) and supporting business metrics is an important element in your plan. Generally you’ll have a few KPIs and more metrics which drive your KPIs.
4. Targets (Now that you have your goals, objectives, KPIs and metrics you can set your specific targets you’d like to achieve as a quantitative and specific goals)
5. Business strategy (the previous 4 components of your goals and strategy lead you to summarize your business strategy – the way you’ll achieve your goals and targets)

Tab 6: Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan and strategy is about generating new leads for your business, improving your reputation in your marketplace, building brand loyalty, creating awareness and converting prospects into customers.

1. Market Positioning (how you are going to position your company, products, services and brands? Is it the best solution in the market or is it the lowest cost solutions? Are you targeting upscale niche target market or mass market?)
2. UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is the single most important message for your marketing – all marketing activities and communication must be based on your UVP – this is what makes your brand and offer unique for your customers compared to any other competitor)
3. Target Market (defining your target market and ideal customer – this is where you can achieve a perfect fit between your offering, your customer needs and profitability)
4. Promotion and advertising (promoting your business and using advertising creates awareness and brand recognition along with lead generation for your business)
5. Pricing (the general pricing policy and strategy which maximizes both value for the customer and profitability for your company)
6. Customer Lifetime Value (calculate your average customer lifetime value by multiplying the number of years customer purchase from your company with the average annual revenue they generate for your business) Do not focus on maximizing your first transaction but focus on maximizing the lifetime value!
7. CRM (describe your CRM approaches and tactics). CRM or customer relationship management strategy helps you maximize your customer lifetime value and build loyalty for your business.
8. Marketing Objectives (the specific marketing goals and objectives you need to achieve to support your overall business strategy)
9. Marketing Strategy (the specific marketing strategy which will help you achieve the defined marketing goals and objectives above)

Tab 7: Sales Plan

The revenue drives all the financial results in your business. While marketing generate leads, creates awareness and opens the door for sales, a successful sales plan must be developed and used as a business growth blueprint.

1. USP (Unique Sales Proposition) – the sales message used in your sales pitch, sales communication and sales materials online and offline. This ideally should create irresistible offer for the prospect and helps the company convert non customers into loyal customers.
2. Sales Channels (what sales channels will be used? Distributors, sales reps, online affiliates, sales force, independent representatives, agents, call centers, automated solutions…?)
3. Lead Generation (Describe the lead generation process which will feed your sales funnel on an ongoing basis)
4. Sales Process (Describe the general sales process used after a new lead has been generated in your lead gen process)
5. Account Management (Every company focused on maximizing the customer lifetime value needs effective account management strategy and tactics. Describe your account management practices used to maximize customer lifetime value)
6. Sales Strategy (Describe your general sales strategy – the specific sales plan based on the previous 5 entries)
7. Sales Forecast (Your sales forecast is the starting point for your financial projections. Define your sales (revenue) projections for the next 3 years here and use the same numbers in the financial templates)

Tab 8: Document

The software allows you to update your business plan document anytime by using the ‘Create Document’ button in the document tab.

This action updates your latest entries into your final document. You can export the document in Microsoft Word by using the ‘Create Word Document’ button. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed or you are using other applications like Google Docs you can use the ‘Copy’ button and simply paste your business plan anywhere you need for further formatting.

With this business planning approach and software you can work simultaneously on different components of your business plan like your company overview, marketing plan, financial plan, sales plan, executive summary…

The complete financial part of your business plan is developed by using the excel templates:


The second part of the Business Plan Bundle product is the Financial Business Plan. This product helps you develop your Financial Plan, Financial Projections, Forecasting and your Financial Statements which can be used not only for creating your business plan but also to manage and control your business results on an ongoing basis.

Business Financial Planning Tools for Excel

When developing your business plan, the financial plan is the part that makes all the difference between successful and focused business plan on one hand and poor business plan with unclear expectations on the other hand.

Your financial business plan should create a clear extension and clarification of the other parts of your business plan. For example, creating your financial plan should quantify and convert all your business ideas and assumptions from your marketing plan, sales plan, operational plan as well as the targets and objectives of your overall business plan into specific numbers.

The financial plan uses the three main financial statements to describe the financial dynamics and developments of your business plan. The three main financial statements you have to include in your business plan are the income statement or P&L statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

By using these financial statements you will create your financial forecast and expectations and show how you are going to achieve your business goals.

For example, the income statement will show your revenue or sales, the cost of goods sold (COGS), your business operating expenses and your expected profit based on your financial structure and profit margins. Second, the balance sheet will show the projections of your business assets, liabilities and equity. And third, your cash flow statement will show the flow of cash in and out of your business at anytime explaining the net cash available and the sources of cash flow.

The financial plan part of your business plan is the place where you quantify your business goals – the process of converting your business ideas and plans into numbers and specific details.

The process of creating your financial plan can take a lot of time and frustration without the right tools because instead of focusing on your business plan which is your number one priority many people waste time on developing financial plan outline, charts, templates, statements and projections from scratch which can take many hours of hard work even for experienced business people.

The Financial Business Plan product by Mr Dashboard gives you all the tools you need to create your winning financial plan in as little time as possible.

In addition you’ll use this product not only for one-time financial planning but later on for continuously managing and improving your business by tracking and monitoring your financial statements and results in one place with this simple and yet powerful financial system.

This product includes the following ready-to-use financial excel templates:

    • Actual Income Statement (P&L)
    • Actual Cash Flow Statement
    • Actual Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement Projections
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Balance Sheet Projections

In addition to these financial statements templates for your business plan the product also includes the following:

  • Template for your Break-Even and Sensitivity Analysis with Automated Business Charts which will help you better understand and plan your pricing, volume and business operations
  • One-Page Executive-Style Financial Excel Dashboard Report which gives you a clear visual summary and representation of your financials in one place by using professional one-page report for your business

This product will help you develop your financial plan as well as manage your business better on an ongoing basis. You’ll be able to perform financial analysis and have professional financial reporting anytime without wasting any time but instead focusing on managing and growing your business. Monitoring your financial results should always be the highest priority for your business.

The overall outcome of your entire business plan depends on the quality and logic of your financial plan so use this product to do it the right way.

All of the above features are included in this offer

This business plan system (the business plan writer software together with the financial business plan templates) has been used by thousands of business professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, large companies, small businesses… worldwide and it always helps them develop professional and effective business plan which works and delivers results.

Save many hours of hard work and frustration and save hundreds of dollars with this incredible limited-time special offer. This approach has helped businesses from every industry, size and geography, from traditional businesses to service businesses, from startups to established companies.

Get your copy of these two business plan products now and start working on your business plan right now. After your purchase you will immediately receive your product download link by email where you can download your products. In addition you’ll receive your link to join our free exclusive lifetime customer membership and you’ll receive many free product updates, business tools, software and templates on an ongoing basis.

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