Call Center Metrics and KPIs Examples

More Examples of Call Center KPIs and Metrics


Here are 8 call center metrics that any call center manager needs to track and monitor daily. Call center reports having the right effective metrics for the performance of the call center are the main tools for continuous improvement of your call center.


Call center management key performance indicators examples:


Call Center Metrics
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1. Call Center Services Level

The service level tracks your capacity to provide within the promise created in your call center agreement for service.


2. Call Center Condition Metrics

Offer understanding of typically the up to date overall performance of the call center simply by showing doable measurements such as volume of calls holding out within the queue.


3. Call Center Agent Compliance

Calculates exactly how successfully call center agents commit time whenever signed in as well as on time.


4. Call Abandonment Rate

Monitors the volume of callers which hang up prior to they could be linked with the call center agent.


5. Number of Active and Waiting Calls

Calculates existing volume level in comparison to the volume of callers waiting around to be connected through to the agents.


6. Typical Handle Time

Calculates the typical period of time allocated to each and every call and incorporates associated administrator tasks for example publishing call center reports.


7. Call Resolution Metrics

Calculates the end result of each and every call taken care of by the agents to find out the number of contacts you will need to solve client problems.


8. Customer Satisfaction Level

Offers an evaluation of the call center's overall performance from the client's point of view.


How to take your current call center performance to the next level: