Create BCG Matrix in Excel [Download]

How to easily create BCG Matrix in Excel

BCG Matrix (Growth-Share Matrix) Excel Chart Creator

Create BCG Matrix in ExcelTo achieve success, a business must have a good portfolio of products and services with diverse growth rates as well as diverse market share.
Your portfolio structure is really a function associated with the actual balance in between cash flows. Higher growth products and services need cash to develop. Lower growth products and services must create extra cash. The two types are required at the same time.
For every service or product, the actual area in the circle signifies value of the sales. Your BCG matrix therefore provides a chart of your company's product or service weaknesses and strengths, at least when it comes to current profits, along with the possible cash flow.

The necessity that motivated this BCG Matrix concept was, without a doubt, that relating to managing cash flows. It is actually clear that among the primary indications of cash development is in fact share of the market, the other that indicates cash utilization is growth rate.

This Excel Charting Application allows Business and Marketing Managers to create BCG Charts in Microsoft Excel. The BCG Chart is created based on your business data in Excel.

The entire charting process is fully automated and you can generate BCG Charts with a click of a button in Excel.
The BCG Charts are analytical and original Microsoft Excel Charts (not shapes or drawings) so you can get accurate BCG Charts and you can also customize your BCG Charts based on your business needs and preferences.
This is a great tool for creating BCG Matrix Analysis and Presentations. This product is used for Business Strategic Analysis, Business Planning, Marketing and Sales Strategy Development, Portfolio Planning and Analysis, Product Development and Product Positioning Strategy and Tactics, Competitors and Market Scanning and other Business Portfolio / Positioning Charting and Analysis.