Employee Performance Review Template [Download]

Employee Performance Review Template

Easily Manage Employee Performance in Excel

When Employee Performance Appraisal is once a year job it takes a lot of time and effort. By continuously keeping track of employee performances you are able to prepare an Employee Performance Appraisal Report anytime whether it is a once a year or anytime you need it.

Employee performance review template

This automated Microsoft Excel application allows you to keep track of everything you need.

The Employee Performance Appraisal Tool for Microsoft Excel allows you to maintain an employee database and update employee performance information anytime by ranking their performances on different criteria or you can use the default 15 performance metrics.

With a click of a button you can create Employee Performance Appraisal Report for any of your employees by simply clicking a button in Excel. The Employee Performance Appraisal Report is automatically created for the employee you have selected and you can review, modify and print the report in a matter of seconds.

The Employee Performance Appraisal Tool for Excel saves you a lot of time, helps you always be organized and professional, improves the quality of your work and allows you to customize the performance measures you use to evaluate your employees. You can use up to 15 different custom measures / evaluation criteria based on your business.

This is completely automated Employee Performance Appraisal Tool with Employee Database and Employee Performance Appraisal Reports automatically generated from your excel database with a click of a button.

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