How to Create Employee Performance Scorecard Template Excel

Template Excel: Excel is a great tool you can use to create an employee performance scorecard. Despite the complexity of the software, over the years the teams behind Excel have worked hard to create new features. That can allow you to create more tools and they also made the interface easier to use.

When you create a scorecard using Excel you will also get a lot of features which you can use to visualize the data to make further analysis on your information. If you not interested in creating an employee scorecard in Excel from scratch. You can quickly download a template off of the internet.


Employee Performance Scorecard Template Excel
Employee Scorecard Templates


To use it you can just simply load it up in Excel and you’re ready to go.

In this blog you are going to get a simple tutorial on how to create an employee performance scorecard template in Excel. Even if you are just getting started you can create one using the method below because it’s very simple.

Employee Performance Scorecard Template Excel Tutorial

Step 1

Create a new Excel file or load up an existing one.

Step 2

Go on page layout and choose landscape

Step 3

You are now going to insert all the data you are going to use. For the columns you are going to have 3 columns, one for measurement, below standard, standard and above standard. In the measurement area you are going to now have 2 sub-headings which are going to be named manager’s assessment.

Step 4

At the far corner on your left, there must be 2 sub-headings the first one for standard skills and the second one for people skills. Under the standard skills section you are going to have under it 3 main sub-columns you are going measure for.

These include leadership, customer interaction and business contribution. Under the people skills you are going to yet again have 3 main sub-columns. You are going to measure for performance, teamwork and employee satisfaction.

Step 5

Next you are going select all the rows and columns that you want to use in your scorecard. Then select format cells, you can do this by right clicking and then you can change the fonts, alignment etc. You can use your design skills and put some color onto your scorecard if you want and it’s recommended.

You can do this by selecting the cells you want to use. Go to home and click on fill color. You can then add some color to your scorecard to make it look appealing to the reader. Make it look cohesive.

Step 6

Most of your work now is done but you can further visualize your data in diagrams, charts and graphs. This will help in giving you a different view point on your data. If you want to do this you can select the data you want to use. Next go to insert, select charts then go on column which you can now choose the graph you want to use. You can see just a layout of how your scorecard should look below.

In summary this is just a simple technique you can use to create an employee performance scorecard template. If you want to, you can also download softwares that you can use to make the process easier for you or if you just want something quick to use. Overall this method is pretty easy. If you are a beginner this can help you a lot in grasping some basic concepts in Excel.

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