Examples of KPIs for Customer Service

Customer Service KPIs Examples and Tips

Metrics, report templates and for customer service management: Customer service is one of the most important elements that make up every business. All of the fortune 500 companies or most of them today have a pretty good customer service. Having a good customer service system in place allows the business to build trust between them and the consumer.

When a certain level of trust is built up between a company and its customers, those customers can continue to use their product for a long time and the company can benefit immensely from that. When you got a great customer service in place, you have to constantly measure different aspects of it to make sure that our customer service always meets our customer’s expectations.


Examples of key performance indicators for customer service reps
Examples of KPIs for customer service report


Using key performance indicators for customer service is a strategy that you can use to measure different aspects of your customer service. You can have a good customer service now but next year it may have deteriorated to a point where your customers began to get frustrated and leave; so measuring the different areas of your customer service system can make things easier.

Some examples of the key performance indicators you can measure for when it comes on to customer service are:
Customer Service KPI Example: Conversion rate

This is probably one of the most important customer service key performance indicators, what you are going to do is measure the rate of how many customers buy your product or use your service exactly after they have talked to one of your customer service representatives.

For example, a customer may want to buy your product online but they have a certain issue that needs to be dealt with, maybe they don’t know how to buy the product or they can’t seem to find the right model of the product they want on your website. They then called one of your customer service representatives for help, you got to now measure how many of them after they have talked to one your customer service representatives went straight back to buying your product or went away frustrated.



This metric is really important because you can leave a lot of money on the table if not dealt with properly and it can also allow you to optimize your customer service representative’s approach when dealing with customers like these to improve your conversion rate if it’s very poor.

Example of KPI for Customer Service: Active number of complaints

Measuring the number of active customer complaints you get on a daily basis is really important. We all don’t want to wait to talk to a customer service representative because we all know how important our time is.

There are times when the phone lines are over loaded with persons calling from all over the world and customers have to wait a while before getting service. Sometimes customers don’t have enough patience to wait for a certain time so they just leave out of frustration. You have to measure for the active numbers of complaints at a single time to make sure that all your customers are being dealt with.

This process is mainly about optimization, so your main goal would be to optimize that part of your customer service to ensure that a system is in place that can give all your customers the opportunity for them to get a faster and more efficient customer service.

Customer service KPI example: Customer retention rate

If you provide good customer service on a daily basis, customers will come back. So as business owners you really want to ensure that you track how many customers you retain over a period of time. So for example out of every 10 customers that use your product 4 comes back, that’s not bad but if you probably improve your customer service it can maybe go up to even 6 out of 10.

Another KPI example for customer service: Average customer complaint resolution time

On average customers don’t want to waste time with a customer service representative, they just want to call and get to a possible solution as fast as possible. So you always measure the amount of time on average that it takes your customer service representatives to resolve an issue with a consumer.

Always find ways to make it short and to the point as you possibly can, this practice also increases efficiency within your business as well if done right. When you start to track the data and see how you can either make the resolution to a certain problem shorter it opens up more time to talk to other customers.

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So there you have it these are just a few of some the amazing customer service key performance indicators you can measure for as a company to improve your overall customer service which benefits you in terms of sales and provide more efficiency within your business.