Excel Dashboard Templates For Human Resources

HR Excel Dashboard Templates

All HR managers emphasize that information must be fresh and continuously up-to-date with information feeds, therefore the dashboard remains relevant. In addition, they recommended that dashboard reports and KPI

Use this format for a basic overview of the cost of each individual welfare benefit for each employee and the direct and ongoing expenses of the plan. This customizable dashboard provides a specific overview of the cost per month for medical, dental and some other health costs incurred by the employer, the full welfare costs paid by the employer and the total welfare costs paid for each employee .

Use this format to display the full benefits package per employee for your year, and exactly how much of the cost was obtained from the business. You will find details on total welfare and welfare benefits, paid time off, state and federal required benefits, bonuses and more. Adjust the amounts to reflect what their company offers. You can then merge the details for the employees into one dashboard to find out the total utilization of the benefits and costs.

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This easy to use format shows income per FTE for the month and year. This is a really simple way of measuring productivity used by most businesses. This provides a general estimate. You can also adjust the format to display the breakdown to view productivity by department, division, and job description.

Use this format to learn the typical employee absenteeism rate and adjust it to your needs. This tool helps you record the number of absences per month based on the number of employees and determine the typical absenteeism percentage per employee as well as the total for your year. If the stock seems too high, you can take action by looking for root causes, setting goals, providing clearer policies, and setting rewards for big turnout.

This format allows you to use the answer to understand the usefulness of the recruiting process. This dashboard shows the number of applicants, the number of job offers and exactly how many people last accepted an offer. If the adoption rate is low, it might be ideal to find out how to boost your process and see what their rivals in the industry have to offer.

With this format, you get a revenue calculation to know exactly how often employees leave your company. You can keep track of exactly how many employees are left of the month, quarter and year, the average number per month and the share of sales per month, quarter and year. If the churn volume is high, it may be time for you to review the corporate culture, salary and benefits by running some employee satisfaction audits.

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The candidate selection process can be frustrating and time consuming for both companies and employees. The first part of streamlining the process is knowing exactly how long it will take to put new team members in place. This format is made for monthly monitoring and can be adapted to your needs. Keep track of the types of positions you fill and the departments, approval dates, acceptance dates and more. Based on such information, the format determines the times to be provided and the days to be completed.

This simple, clean and versatile design provides instant insight into numerous metrics. You can adjust this format to include the culture and some of the few other culture KPI

excel dashboard templates for human resources

Once the efficiency standards and personal goals have already been set for each position and team member, they must be documented and disseminated to the staff, therefore they realize expectations and also have goals for positive analysis in their next assessment. This performance information should be reviewed prior to a formal review, as well as the manager's conclusions should be put on paper and compiled based on reviews from some other professionals (if that's the company's practice), as well as any other assessments by colleague

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For example, information on the dashboard pertaining to a single employee may include exactly how long it took from the application to hire data, the background of promotions within the company, the total number of vacation and sick days, a brief history of performance reviews, and suggestions made.

While annual performance reviews have been the standard in the past, today's guidelines suggest you should run reviews more often, especially in busy tech companies. Using HR dashboard reports makes it easier for direct professionals to provide in-the-moment feedback, whether it's for praise and when there's a challenge that requires attention. Regular informal assessments keep management informed as it fosters positive relationships. Having more frequent reviews also takes some of the pressure off the formal semi-annual and annual reviews and then sells a much more connected, more sensitive culture.

Useful for annual evaluations, you can adjust this format for any type of timing cadence. You'll find sections for weighted, measurable goals and evaluations, as well as an area to take notes for follow-up tasks. Other sections include employee self-assessment, employee skills assessment, and manager's analysis of the employee. At the end of the template, there is generally a really special place for professional development suggestions.

For performance review tips from experts, more frameworks, and free templates, read Performance Review examples and tools.

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The employee demographics are an important factor in counting, which HR dashboard layout shows which guidelines to include in employee demographics and employee pay of the year.

This HR dashboard format is useful when you might be looking for a chart around the team's CTC in relation to their age, sales rankings across departments, groups, and experience classes.

If you may be looking for an HR dashboard that will certainly allow you to graphically read the number of employees and their pay distribution, this format will come in handy using the bar charts and graphs.

excel dashboard templates for human resources

When you might be trying to determine the attendance and absence rate of the employees, this HR dashboard format is just something you need by using the separate absence and trading days columns.
Attrition analysis is an important part of determining the performance and failures of the sales force in almost any business, which format here shows the tips to keep in consideration while creating the analysis.

Here we also look at the benefits of the HR report, as the information and statistics it can include. I will also present a nice report along with some HR dashboard theme

Before you start creating your HR report, you generally need to make some considerations about how to do it and when.

Many organizations still work together with ad hoc information reports. Like when a supervisor and director wants to learn about the organization's workforce, they ask HR to provide a report. In response to this request, the HR information department is working overtime to prepare this report. This is an illustration of (inefficient and) reactive reporting. HR reports must be (pro) actively used and therefore automated.

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Every HR department should, of course, be (extremely) good at this “classic” level of reporting. No discussion. No debate. Just do it. This level would be the fully automated, highly effective, super fast, sliced ​​and diced, easy-to-read, well-structured, just-click-the-button. functionality in any organization.

Not every organization is still in the “very effective and also super fast” part. However, every organization should be very good at doing HR reporting.

Simply recording the number of people who join and also leave the company is often inadequate, because then you won't be able to get the full picture. A solution can be a personnel flow matrix. So

On the one hand, a table like this provides a good overview, on the other hand, it helps you identify some key business problem areas.

There are a number of issues related to HR reporting. It's important to deal with these as they keep you from getting caught up in an endless reporting cycle.

HR reporting and HR dashboard reporting are often a moving stone for organizations looking to maneuver towards HR analysis – which is why this topic is important. Depending on the company you work for, different information will be relevant. Good luck developing your HR report!

Human Resources departments are needed to maintain the correct personnel files. If there are any issues, they should roll back a report to document any long-term incidents in an employee's HR file. This protects companies that may need to prove actions, warn employees of violations of the rules, and justify administrative measures, such as dismissal, for prohibited actions. When writing a report, be aware of the possibility of authorized uses of your report, such as harassment, money laundering, and some other serious allegations.

Explain exactly what the HR reports are about. Name the related parties involved, the current date and exactly why the reports are needed. The introduction sets a dark tone for your entire report, which should not contain opinions. Use simple language to assure the facts. Keep it simple and to the point.

State the facts as explained in the complaint. Add any supporting information using the HR report, such as email exchanges and witness statements. Make sure to include as much detail as possible in the incident. Include the time and date of the incident and any subsequent issues that occurred. Provide witness names and quote any testimonials exactly where possible. Don't be judgmental when describing the incident. Include both sides of the story and make sure to interview both the plaintiff and the accused.

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Describe the procedure for analysis related to the incident in question. Serious complaints, such as intimate nuisance, may require authorized and legal advice. Less serious complaints, such as chronic absenteeism, should only be documented upon termination. As long as companies have policies and activities that document employee failure, it is generally considered the company's authorized right to fire someone. Determine if the employee is in the best and in the wrong, based primarily on all relevant information.

It is not enough to determine whether an employee is wrong. Define the next steps and what action plans are needed, mainly based on the company policy and procedure. Like a written HR report, a good employee who was found to be frequently absent should note if any warnings were made because the employee manual described, and what possible next steps are, for your next time there is typically unauthorized absence.

If a task plan makes sense in solving a problem, create an action plan and include it in the report. Like a job plan to expire an employee with consumer security, a list should be made of updated training and new procedures to help the employee succeed.