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"Business management templates for Excel that help you in making effective business, financial and managerial decisions."

Looking for business management template that suits your needs?

Look no further - our selection has everything from simple to complex templates, made to help you with your business quickly and easily. Whether you're just starting out, or you've been in business for a while, our templates will help you optimize your business and stay organized all at the same time.

Strategy development template

Managing a business is hard, and it's only getting harder. You need to track KPIs, finances, employees, performance, HR, and more - all while trying to grow your company.

It feels like you're always playing catch-up. You spend hours every day on tasks that could be automated if you had the right tools that don't lock you into complicated contracts with huge price tags.

Business Executive provides the best business management templates to help you improve and manage your business better. With our templates, you'll be able to focus on what's important - growing your company. Our templates are easy to use and perfect for anyone who wants to start a business or manage an existing business.

This incredible product bundle includes templates for Excel KPI dashboards, quality control charts, financial templates, HR templates, templates for tracking employee performance, inventory templates, balanced scorecards and sales pipelines. This way, you can make informed decisions about how to allocate resources more effectively and stay on track with your business goals.

EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX is the right tool to help you understand and manage your business better and streamline your business processes. All these benefits add up into improving and growing your business and profitability.

EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX provides you with a wide range of templates that can help you with all of your business needs. You'll have everything you need to make the right decisions and stay on top of your business.


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Excel KPI Template

Get a snapshot of your company's performance with our easy to use Excel KPI dashboard templates. Excel KPI dashboard template that shows your key performance indicators in an easy-to-understand way. Customizable to show the data you need, organized and presented the way you need it.

Create KPI dashboards for any business area, from sales and marketing to HR, finance and operations. Get a professional and unique look for your Excel dashboard with our templates. Choose from a variety of designs to find the perfect one for you. Our templates are easy to use and will save you time and effort in creating your business reports.

Get insights on your performance in just a few clicks with our Excel KPI dashboard templates. Create custom dashboards to track and understand your key performance indicators (KPIs). Help make informed decisions by seeing all the data in one place and visualizing it in a clear and concise manner. Easily share your Excel reports with colleagues or clients for feedback and collaboration.

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Financial Excel Templates

Enjoy powerful financial templates that are perfect for your business financial needs. Customizable to match your specific needs - whether you're a startup or an established company, our templates are customizable to fit your needs perfectly.

Save time and money with pre-made templates that are designed specifically for financial analysis and reporting. Get your financials organized and in order with our templates.

Keep your financials current and up to date. No need to be a financial expert - our templates are designed for everyday use by anyone in business. Use our Excel templates to make financial planning simple and easy. Make informed decisions without wasting time!

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Balanced Scorecards

Improve your HR management and make your HR process easier with our easy-to-use HR templates. Enjoy a better understanding of your employee performance in a nice organized way and improve your HR processes.

Save time and money by getting templates that you can use right away, you can customize based on your HR needs and you can share with others.

Time-saving HR tools, customizable and easy-to-use, perfect for any HR manager to become more efficient. Increase efficiency and transparency in your organization with our easy-to-use Excel HR templates.

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Sales Pipeline Excel Template

Improve your sales pipeline management with Executive Toolbox. A powerful sales tool for managing your sales pipeline in Excel. Easily plan, track and forecast your sales progress. Generate reports quickly and easily to reflect your unique business needs. Provides insightful analysis of your sales data to help you make better decisions.

Automated Excel sales reports based on your business data you can generate with a click of a button, saving you time and effort day after day. Streamline your sales process and keep track of all your leads and prospects.

Achieve better results with better planning and more streamlined execution of your sales processes. Get a complete overview of all aspects of your sales pipeline. Improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your sales process. Take your sales pipeline management to the next level with EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX.

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Quality Control Excel Charts

Save time and money with easy to use, quality templates and SPC charts. Excel templates and SPC charts to help you improve your quality control process. Improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing the time spent on Quality Control tasks.

Keep your Quality Control processes running smoothly with our fully automated Excel quality management templates and control charts. Improve your operations, service processes or production processes based on your business system. Streamline your workflows with simple-to-use powerful quality control templates and charts.

Helps you get accurate results in less time, with far fewer errors. Ensure quality control and accuracy with our Excel templates and SPC charts. Improve performance and efficiency by automating your analysis and reports with our Excel templates.

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Inventory management Excel template

Easily keep track of your inventory in Excel. Stay organized and reduce waste with our easy to use inventory management system. Simplify your process and save time. Keep track of your inventory levels and take action to get your stock under control.

Excel template alerts tell you when items are low on stock and need to be reordered. Report on your inventory levels so you can see where improvements can be made. Automated calculations make sure all your information is accurate and up to date. Easily find out how much inventory you need for a certain quantity of product.

Consolidate and control all your inventory in one place, with Excel. Easily identify excess or obsolete stock and take action to prevent product shortages. Stay organized with your inventory - which means not losing any sales because of shortages while not ordering excess inventory for certain products and tie in capital.

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ABC Excel Software

Improve your business profitability, performance and decision making with Activity Based Costing for Excel. Get accurate and consistent costing for your products, services and customers with our activity-based costing tool. Compute total costs for each activity in your processes, and see how these costs affect each and every product, service and customer.

ABC costing is the most powerful tool to really know the real profitability. Based on ABC analysis you can easily make drastic improvements in your business, change workflows and adjust pricing at an individual customer level.

Use our Activity Based Costing software for Excel to get an accurate costing information and boost your net profitability. Navigate complex financial calculations with ease, thanks to our user-friendly interface which allows you to perform complex ABC analysis with a click of a button.

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Compatible with all versions of Excel. No Excel skills required. Built for business users.

So what are you waiting for? Start using our templates right now and see the positive impact they have on your business! And by the way the price is a one-time payment so that's the total investment you'll ever make and you can use the products for a lifetime.


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I am a manager and I need simple tools that will help me improve my business. The EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX is a great product that helps me be more productive daily and I can manage all my work better.

Dillan Wilkins
Production Manager

This product saved me so much time and frustration. It simplifies complex charts and improves business reporting.

Kurtis Underwood
General Manager

I've been looking for a tool like this that would help me organize my businesses and manage more efficiently. I am glad I found the EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX which is so easy to use, saves me ton of time and gives me very specific ideas how to improve my businesses.

Ebrahim Curry

The collection of Excel templates, tools, forms and reports helped me organize my work better and manage my information in the best way possible.

Fahmida Sharma
Quality Specialist

EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX is a complete toolbox for management. It contains Excel templates and tools, which help you improve your business and save time on reporting tasks.

Burhan Fletcher
Operations Manager

These are exceptionally useful tools for any business manager. I use these products every single day.

Elle-May Gilliam
HR Manager

This product has helped me a lot because now I can make reports quickly with ease and save time on other things as well.

Josh Yoder

Amazing product. Thank you.

Don Mcfarlane
Business Analyst

I have always been interested in Excel and I recently decided to try out the EXECUTIVE TOOLBOX. It is an amazing collection of business tools that will help you improve your business by making it easier for you to manage your business, track progress and be more efficient in everything you do.

Joey Gregory
Business Owner

* You will download your products immediately after purchase and receive email with your download links. All major credit cards accepted and securely processed by Stripe.