Operations & Quality [FAQs]

What is operations management? Operations management is the application of processes, methods and systems to manage activities associated with producing goods and services. It consists of five core functions: planning, organizing, directing, controlling and accounting. Operations management is a process oriented discipline that helps organizations efficiently and effectively manage the resources needed to produce products …

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Quality Tools, KPIs, Metrics, DMAIC and Six Sigma for Sales and Marketing

Quality management and control tools, concepts and methodologies like six sigma, total quality control, SPC, quality deployment, etc. are proven to be effective ways to improve the organizational process performances traditionally in manufacturing and industrial environment. When it comes to applying these very same strategies to sales and marketing there is a big disconnect simply …

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What is Quality Control?

This QC system of processes includes controlling and effectively managing all the incoming materials, tasks, human activities, equipment, machines, automation, statistical process control, etc. to ensure that each step in the process satisfies the specific standards. Quality can be controlled throughout the entire process. The sooner in the process quality errors are detected the better …

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Quality excel dashboard templates

Quality excel dashboard templates: track your quality metrics with excel dashboard The primary objective of the top quality advancement tool is to decrease variability. As well as your Systems2win DMAIC tools decrease variability in your methods from cutting down variability thereby leveraging the leverage.