GE Matrix Excel [Download]

GE Matrix Excel (GE / McKinsey Matrix for Excel)

GE Matrix Excel

GE Matrix marketing analysis tool is known as a strategy employed in marketing, sales and product management that can help a business choose what product or service to include in the product or service portfolio and what opportunities available in the market they need to carry on and put money into. It's much like BCG Matrix analysis, however a little bit more complex.
This GE Matrix Excel Charting Application allows Business and Marketing Managers to create professional GE / McKinsey Matrix Charts in Microsoft Excel. The entire Excel Charting Process is fully automated and you can generate your GE Matrix Charts with a click of a button in Excel.
The GE Matrix Excel Charts are analytical and original Excel Charts (not shapes or drawings) so you can get accurate GE Matrix for your business. You can also customize your GE Matrix based on your preferences just like any other excel charts.
This Easy to Use GE Matrix Product is used for Business Strategic Analysis, Business Planning, Marketing and Sales Strategy Development, Portfolio Planning and Analysis, Product Development and Product Positioning Strategy and Tactics, Competitors and Market Scanning and other Business Portfolio / Positioning Charting and Analysis.
GE Matrix Marketing Tool Excel