Hotel KPIs Examples Metrics for Hotel Management

Hotel KPIs Examples

Hotel Management Metrics And Examples


Percent of local guests

Number of local guests divided by the total number of guests. This particular ratio works well for planning promotional campaigns by region in order to achieve the required mix of local vs other guests in the hotel.

Expense per guest

Expense for each hotel guest arriving in the hotel. Overall expenditures divided by the total number of guests.

Average guests per employee

Number of guests divided by the number of hotel employees.

Food and beverage sales revenue per guest

It’s the best indication of precisely how successfully you attract your guests when it comes to their demands and additionally how effective the employees are in selling and serving the guests.

Number of rooms with maintenance issues

Number of rooms or perhaps percent of rooms having maintenance problems.

Number of cancelled reservations

Total number of cancelled reservations throughout a particular pre-determined period of time.

Cleaning cost per room

Tracking the overall cost for cleaning for each room. This KPI is calculated by dividing the overall cleaning costs with the number of rooms.

Profit per room

Total profit divided by number of hotel rooms. This can be tracked as net profit or gross profit.

Revenue per room

Revenue per room within particular time period. Overall hotel revenue divided by number of rooms.

Average daily rate per room

Average daily rate per room in the reporting time.

Occupancy rate

Occupancy ratio or percentage of the number of hotel rooms occupied relative to number of days during the reporting period.

Average number of meals per cook

This KPI measures the particular production capacity of food inside a kitchen by cook. You count the quantity of meals purchased each day plus divide it by the actual number of cooks employed in your kitchen.

Revenue per available room

Revenue per available hotel room.

Number of guests per employee

Total number of guests in the hotel divided by the total number of employees in the hotel in a period.

KWH per room

Average kilowatt hours per room used within a period.

Percent of beds occupied

Proportion of the number of hotel beds which were occupied in the provided point in time.

Average guest stay

Average duration of stay per guest indicated in number of days.

Guests per room

Average number of guests occupying a hotel room.

Guests per table

Average number of guests for every table.

Percent of agent bookings

Percent of agent bookings compared to total number of hotel bookings.

Fixed costs vs variable costs per room

Total hotel fixed costs and total hotel variable costs divided by number of rooms.

Employee costs vs other costs per room

Average employee costs compared to other costs for room.