How to Assess Employee Performance and Track Them With KPI Reports…

Employees are important in any organization; they are usually the backbone behind your company. It is necessary for managers and executives to make certain that they’re employees are always performing at a high level.

Unproductive employees always tend to slow down an organization’s progress. Each day an unproductive employee is at your company you are probably losing money.


How to Assess Employee Performance


That’s why it’s always necessary to assess your employee’s performance. When you measure each of your employee’s performance it will help you to spot certain employees that are not performing at an acceptable level in your organization. This will help you to either weed them out or put programs in place in order to help them perform better over a period of time.

You have a lot of strategies you can use to assess your employees performance.

Below you can see a list of How to Assess Employee Performance you can use in your organization.


When you first think about assessing your employee’s performance, quality of work probably is one of the first strategies that come to mind.

You are going to basically measure the quality of your employee’s daily work. If he/she is working in the sales department, you can measure their performance by looking at the amount of customers they convert into sales on a daily basis.


Having employees that can get work done quickly without dropping the quality of work is always a manager’s dream.

You have employees out there who are like this but it depends on the organization and the task at hand. On the other side of things, it is always important to measure the time it takes your employee to get a task done.

You can do this by measuring a certain employee’s time to get a particular work done against another employee. Furthermore you can even try to be realistic and make an estimate of when a certain task should be completed. So you can use that as a starting point to measure your employee’s performance.


When an employee is not at your company putting in work on a daily basis. You are likely losing money.

Especially if he/she is a top performer and they always make your company operate more efficiently when they’re around. Having a look at how many times an employee is absent. Will certainly help you to properly evaluate their performance over a period of time against your company’s goals.

Personal habits

You may find this a bit funny but yes keeping an eye on personal habits within your organization is important. Gossip can have an effect on job performances.

Not just on a single employee but all those who are involved and this is not good. A lot of companies have fallen into this trap. It’s also necessary to minimize the frequency of internal politics incidents in your organization.

Additionally it’s Important to spot other personal bad habits from employees within your organization such as aggressiveness towards others, taking breaks frequently etc. because it can affect your business and force employees to leave if issues are not taking care of.


By measuring the quantity of output a certain employee creates in your organization daily, weekly or even monthly. Will allow you to see how productive they have been. An example of this would be tracking the amount of calls made per day. This should enable you to see if it’s over a certain amount.

These are just some out of the many ways you can assess your employee’s performance. They are also pretty easy to implement in your organization as well. Overtime when you use these strategies you will begin to see how useful they are.