Calculate and Tracking Your Return On Marketing Investment

How To Calculate Return On Marketing Investment: Calculating how many new sales acquired by your advertising is known as ROI on Marketing or Return on Marketing Investments. Advertising is generally very costly and not many companies deal with unlimited marketing and advertising budgets. If you are like most businesses, you should calculate what works and what doesn’t work in your advertising and marketing and reallocate your marketing budget wisely.

The goal in marketing just like in any business investment is to get the highest possible outcome for the investment or to maximize ROI on marketing.


How To Calculate Return On Marketing Investment

You can start by simply asking every new customer how they learnt about your business in the first place. What ad, event or promotion brought them to your store, website or company to purchase from your business.

Ad tracking, campaign tracking and events tracking is the necessary step in smart marketing and advertising. If you are able to track your customers in that case you are able to measure your return on investment on marketing. Without tracking calculating your marketing ROI is just a guesswork. In such a case you are marketing decisions randomly and that doesn’t maximize your marketing ROI.

While there are many various marketing metrics the marketing ROI is the most important KPI or metrics. If you are not currently tracking your marketing campaigns and initiatives now is the time to start doing it.


How To Calculate Return On Marketing Investment

Track the quantity of revenue ending from every advertising campaign in line with the new and returned customers. Analyze this information and organize it in a spreadsheet so you can continuously track and update this data. Link and associate the revenue coming from every advertising campaign by using the same way. At the same time associate each revenue with the costs incurred for that marketing campaign or ad.

Subtract the investment from the revenue or gross margin eve better and you can easily track the profitability of each campaign. Now divide the profit margin by the total cost of marketing and you will get the return on marketing percentage or ratio that you need to measure. When you do this same approach for each campaign you are able to compare unrelated campaigns based on this metric.

This is how you can now easily make decisions about your marketing budget. You can now reallocate your marketing budget in a way to optimize and maximize your ROI.

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