How to Create and Write Employee Performance Appraisal Report

Performance appraisals must be utilized as development plan for the employee's development and career paths. These are critical elements in organizational development and business growth. In order to write efficient performance appraisals, feedback and reviews, organizational managers should know what data and information is essential for the company.

The business manager's perspective must be within the performance appraisals – therefore managers will need to gather insight from the employees on a regular basis. The employee appraisals will need to include data that organization could use for identifying potential improvements to the workforce such as salary increases and bonus rewards programs. At the same time this is used to give back feedback to the employees. So keep in mind that this is two way information flow.


How to Create Employee Performance Appraisal


Take a look at the records that you maintained throughout the year on employee performances. This would help you look at the both positive plus negative issues through the past 12 months.

Evaluate employee self-assessment and the records from the past year. You could use face to face appraisals better if you know the way the employee see the performance. Write an overview of in line with the data found within your records and also the self-assessments.

Develop a specific and effective employee development plan for every employee by evaluating the performance, reviewing the current HR job descriptions related to the employee’s position and matching it to the business strategy.

By looking at job responsibilities and evaluating them and comparing them to the actual performances – you could better develop a plan that would help the employee make improvements and contribute better to the company’s strategy execution.

Make records on the appraisals and integrate all these records with final employee appraisal record and employee individual report. Involve other coworkers if required and use everything you’ve developed through the year within the final review report for the employee.


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