How To Create Weekly Report: Weekly reports normally are supposed to show status of the specific initiative, process, activity or project. As a result, in business we use weekly reports like weekly project report, weekly HR report, weekly process report, weekly report, etc.

In addition, based on our recent survey of our Excel Dashboard users, creating weekly reports and monitoring and metrics on a weekly timeline ended up being the most popular report, followed by the monthly dashboard reports.


How To Create Weekly Report
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Weekly overview gives effective snapshot of your operations regardless of the type of business you are running. BY tracking your metrics weekly, you can recognize certain trends or issues on time and adjust your activities accordingly.

Weekly reports could as well refer to team or individual employee report. This kind of reports are normally created by team or manager for analysis and reporting. The weekly report is standard process in many organizations. While most of them are ongoing standard weekly report format in some cases they are created for temporary or ad hoc reasons. For example, in situations where process or projects are not following the expected timetable or they are beyond the planned budgets, it is crucial to create and track your weekly reports.

Use a time period on your report with appropriate title. Weekly report by day/date is very helpful. If specific issues continue, examining previous weekly reports could offer insight and additional review of any problems or potential issues.

Link the important activities and ongoing progress and development. If specific areas of the planned activities have been done, report those achievements in the beginning of your weekly report.

Managers are usually happy to view that objectives are met. Link development on activities and projects at the same time. If it is too big, you can divide the development part of report in to different areas.


How To Create Weekly Report with Excel Dashboard


Talk about issues which should be tackled immediately. Begin with new issues which have developed throughout the previous week and end up with issues already described in your prior weekly reports. Notifying managers about new issues within the starting paragraph might be helpful.

Finally, make sure you create some kind of summary and use it to finish the report. Explain again any critical issues which need specific timely attention. The last segment of your report could as well link the intended activities and objectives for the coming weeks.

When you need to show numbers like key performance indicators important for your business or certain , make sure you use effective summary. There is a big difference between data and information. Using a lot of data attached to your weekly reporting might be ineffective. It is your job to summarize and highlight only the important KPIs. For this use your excel dashboard to create a nice one-page weekly dashboard report or .