How to Do Lean Manufacturing Audit

Planning and Executing a Lean Manufacturing Audit

concepts derive from the theory that an organization is in its very best any time it reduces waste plus enhances the available assets.

Putting into action lean plans and techniques in the business is an excellent approach to improve business efficiency and operational productivity, and also cut costs.


Lean Audit Analysis
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To make sure that lean methods are properly utilized in your company, some sort of lean audit is generally required. A number of techniques could be put to use for performing some sort of helpful lean audit.
Determine your goals.

The lean audit must be carried out to find out when the company is correctly applying and maintaining lean strategies. This is certainly accomplished through examining your current business lean processes along with a goal towards recognition of opportunities to enhance processes and minimize business costs.

Plan the lean audit. Organization audits ought to preferably be completed by a 3rd party or perhaps audit team without any interest in the end result from the lean audit. In case then again, the actual audit is completed in house through management, separating businesses in to different areas will help you develop a checklist of every necessary requirements and possible issues.

Determine your own business-specific rating system. The ranking system needs to be focused on every business, utilizing crucial lean elements such as stock, supply chain operations and process standardization. The end result of the audit is usually in a negative way influenced by deficiency of a good ranking system.

Use lean criteria for the audit process. Based on your particular business operations, this could incorporate ensuring labels as well as alerts are noticeable or even that equipment is kept in specified places, to name a few.

Executing the audit within an organized manner typically through work environment area can help you include just about all angles and obtain probably the most precise lean audit reports.

Check in following the audit. The easiest method to make sure company is efficiently using lean system would be to follow up along with every manager following the lean audit. This involves ensuring any appropriate issues are already dealt with and observing what requirements must be satisfied.

Some sort of weekly audit or perhaps monthly audit completed by the manager will help your business fulfill and sustain lean criteria down the road.