Tips and Ideas on How to Improve Employee Retention

How to improve : We are now living in an age where it’s getting a bit harder to retain employees at companies for the long term. If you should even look at the news, you would usually see companies hiring executives in their organization and 6 months later their gone. You still have employees who are willing to stay at your company for the long term probably a decade.

On the other hand though if you should look at the statistics. The rate of how long an employee stays at a company on average is dropping. There are a lot of factors that can cause this for example poor and unorganized company culture, internal politics, lack of communication etc. If you should even take a peek in the tech landscape and look at the journey of some software engineers. You will see how quickly they left from company to the other.


How to Improve Employee Retention

This can attributed to them getting a better incentive deal at another company. The current company is declining in value and they want to leave the ship before it sinks. On the contrary probably they just want to explore another company, meet new friends and get new challenges.  Some of the negative reasons why employees usually leave a company, as some of them are stated above could’ve easily been avoided.

Business managers and executives should ensure that they are doing their best to hold on to top performers. Who are working really hard daily to keep your organization afloat. Only then can their organization thrive for the long term. You have a lot of different methods that you can use to help improve your employee retention rate. That you can even use to help keep high achievers at your organization.

When you implement these ideas and strategies in your company and you put your employee retention rate as a key performance indicator that you can track over time along with other metrics. You will begin to see improvements in your organization.

How to Improve Employee Retention: Employee Retention Strategies

•    Allow your employees to have autonomy and control over their work
•    Reward your employees for their contribution when a goal is met
•    Include certain employees when making decisions this will let them know that you are all in this together
•    Make your organization more open by sharing information and knowledge with all employees
•    Ensure that you have a system of regular feedback between your employees and managers
•    Make certain that your supervisors are acting like coaches to support employees when needed
•    Provide a clean, safe and comfortable working environment
•    Train employees so they can learn new skills while working at your company and grow
•    Create an infrastructure to make easy to make top down communication in your company. These tend to span from the executives to managers to employees
•    Give your employees flexible hours and vacations when needed
•    Try and implement a system where you can provide a program of alternative working arrangement. Where they can work part-time, modified workweeks etc.
•    Promote team work within your organization
•    Help to keep employees fit and healthy at work by having exercise programs, gyms, yoga teachers, wellness experts etc.

These are just some of the simple strategies you can implement in your organization to help retain employees. These techniques will not guarantee 100% retention of every top performer.

You have a lot of factors that contributes to why an employee chooses to leave a company. Overtime though you can see results because you will develop an organization that will suit your employees and they will see no reason to leave.