How to Make a Graph in Excel

Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Graph in Excel Plus Free Excel Graph Templates


Understanding how to make a graph in Excel – especially effective graphs that communicate visually your message is very important. This is a requirement for creating any kind of report in business. and business reports use different types of Excel graphs to summarize and simplify information for the users.


How to Make a Graph in Excel
Column Excel Graph Example


How to Make a Graph in Excel: Excel is known for its amazing interface, very complex but useful tools and the overall flexibility of the software’s features. One of the reasons why its popularity have surged over the years is simply because of the way it can convert raw spreadsheet data into charts and diagrams.


Make a Graph in Excel
Excel Line Graph Example


This helped business professionals to visualize important information on a daily basis. This visualized data can then make it easier for them to communicate it with their team and fellow employees. One of the easiest ways you can visualize key important data is by creating a graph in excel. This process is very easy as you can see by looking at the tutorial below. As a beginner it is a useful technique you can know. It will then help you to build upon your excel skills.


How to create excel graph
Combination Graph Example in Excel



How to Make a Graph in Excel

Here is a step by step tutorial for making bar graph with Excel:
Step 1


Making graph in Excel
Bar Graph Excel Example


Enter data into excel or you can upload it into the software. Ensure that your data is well organized.


Step 2


Use your mouse to highlight the selected cells you want to use. Next you are going to go on insert. Click “charts” click on “column” which is going to allow you to choose from the different graphs you want to use.


ways to make graph in excel
Scatter Graph (XY Graph) in Excel



Step 3


You can then manipulate how you want your graph to look by selecting the different options. If you would like to switch what appears on the x and y axis. Right click on the bar graph, you are then going to click on “select data” and next click “Switch row/column”. You are now finished with the graph but you can experiment and learn a lot of things by just trying out features and functionalities.


making excel graph
Example of Area Graph in Excel

If you follow the process above you can be up and running in no time with a simple or complex bar graph. It all depends on how far you want to push your knowledge. To organize the bar graph in ascending order which will allow it to be read and analyzed better. You can highlight all the data you want to sort.

After they are highlighted you can next click on the data button on the top and click on sort. You can now sort the information to your preferences. Sometimes background lines can be very distracting. Especially if you want to communicate your information quickly to a top executives. Who don’t have much time daily to look at specifics. They just want an overview of how your graph look and make quick judgements off what they see.


Making buisness report graphs in Excel
Histogram Excel Graph


If you want to remove backgrounds you can easily click on chart layout. Once you click on this – you will go to the gridlines. Now, in order to remove the gridlines just simply choose “no gridlines” – this can be found either on the horizontal or on the vertical options.

Another important tip, if you want just want to use the 3d feature to help visualize your data for style. It’s really unnecessary and could possibly lead to a bit of confusion as to what your information really means. Overall creating graphs in excel is a pretty easy task to do as you can see by looking at the tutorial above.


Business graphs in Excel
Download: Target vs Actual Graph in Excel for Business Users


As complex as Excel is this is probably one of the easiest task a beginner can do in order to get rolling in excel. So hopefully by following the steps above you can kick start your excel journey to mastery.


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