How to Make KPI Report in Excel

Creating KPI report in Excel

You can create a lot interesting programs in Excel that you can use in your business on a daily basis. These programs will also make your business life easier. You can create dashboards, scorecards and even key performance indicators along with many other interesting programs. If you have the right skill and knowledge to use this software effectively you will truly understand how powerful it is.

Over the years despite Excel’s complexity they have truly made their software easier through updates and new versions. This will help to ease off the pressure on newbies. You can now even easily create a key performance indicator report in Excel. A lot of persons have benefited greatly from the ease of use and the amazing interface Excel provide.


How to Make KPI Report in Excel
Download KPI Report Templates for Excel Users


An advantage of using Excel to create your key performance indicator report is that you can view your data across a wide spectrum of features such as bar graphs, line graphs, charts, diagrams etc. This will allow you to view the data from different perspectives.  As a result of that it will certainly give you a much better understanding of your data. Furthermore it can be used to communicate certain information and statistics your team more easily. Below you can see a simple example of how to create a key performance indicator report in Excel.


How to Make KPI Report in Excel Tutorial, Downloads and Tips


Step 1

You are going to firstly create a bar chart but you are free to visualize the data into other formats such pie charts, graphs etc. by using this method. To get started you are going to insert the data or import it, also make certain it’s properly organized.

Next select all the data you want to include in your key performance indicator. Then choose ‘insert’ and ‘pivot’ then ‘chart’. Select the data you want to include again and you’re done.

Additionally, if you want to have more freedom in choosing and designing your graph. You can click on the graph that Excel had generated for you. Next go on the pivot chart tools section and click on design tab.

Step 2

Create a new worksheet; you are then going to remove all the gridlines in order to make it look simpler.  To create this click on the view menu and uncheck the gridlines feature. You are going to now put your graph that you have created earlier in step 1 on it.

To get this done you can just cut and paste your graph on the new page. Time line is an important part of reports; it will assist you viewing information at different time periods. To do this select the graph, select analyze from the pivot tolls tab and then choose insert timeline. Next choose the month option.

Keep in mind that in order to do this you must have a month column where you are going to input the different months when your KPI is active. After this Excel will allow you to view different parts of your report data in months.

If you are a beginner in Excel, you can easily create this in no time. It will help to give you a taste of what Excel is like before you go any further.  If you are interested in creating a more advanced KPI report you can find a lot of tutorials on the internet. If you want, you can just download a template and get up and running immediately.