Writing a Marketing Report

How to Write a Marketing Report: Creating a marketing report should be an important part of any business’s . You have a lot of different marketing reports you can create. All of these can be for different areas of your for example market research report, marketing budget report etc.

When creating a marketing report, you should make certain that your report is written in a professional and cohesive manner. So your points that you are trying to get a get across can be easily understood by the reader.


How to Write a Marketing Report
Free Marketing Report Templates


You have 7 main sections that make up a marketing report. You have the title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, researched data, summarized data and conclusions.
You can see them in more detail below, but keep in mind that this is an example of a typical market research report. The good thing is that the layout can be spread across other marketing reports as well.

Title page

Here is where you are going to put the author’s name, title of the report, the business name and client names.

Table of contents

A table of contents is really important. It’s there to give readers an overview of the different topics they are going to read. It’s also there to give users a map of your report. This will allow them to follow the instructions and skip to different areas of your report.

Executive summary

The executive summary shares similarities with the table of contents. Its main purpose is to give readers a brief 1-2 page overview of what they are going to read. Keep it short and concise.


In your introduction provide all the necessary background information that’s going to be quite relevant to your marketing report. Additionally give them a preview of the report by stating the questions the report is going to answer.

Researched data

As stated before this is going to be a market research report. In this section you are going include the steps you have taken to execute your research and the questions that you’ve asked them. Furthermore try your best to describe the different persons that participated in the research. Show how they affect your business and show their needs that need to be filled. If you are going to do surveys include the different questions that you’ve asked. Also provide a brief break down of the different groups that participate in the surveys and how they are going to affect your end business.

Summarized data

Summarize the different types of data that you used to draw upon your conclusions. Show why you choose those marketing strategies and how they affect your business and explain your conclusions in detail.


You are now going conclude your report by stating all your key points. Give a brief summary of the content that was included in your marketing report and stated your goals.
In summary this is a simple strategy that you can use in creating a marketing report in your organization.
A very useful tip you can use is to use charts and diagrams at times to help visualize some of the important data that you’ve collected. It will also help the reader to grasps your concepts better and interpret your information more easily.