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HR Excel Templates: Employee Performance Evaluation System, Employee Surveys, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, HR Dashboard, HR Scorecard, HR Metrics and more…

Because human resources management is the process of planning, organizing, and directing the activities that affect the salaries, benefits, work conditions, and morale of employees, using HR tools to help you do a good job is critical.

Human resources professionals are responsible for identifying and assessing the needs of personnel, recruiting new employees, developing and administering employee policies and programs, providing training and development, resolving grievances, and maintaining employee records.

Managing, tracking activities, results and HR performance is key to successful HR management. HR metrics are a set of measurements that track the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources functions.

Measuring and tracking HR metrics will help you identify the most pressing issues and improve performance. For example, improving employee satisfaction, employee turnover, training and development programs, to name just a few can make huge difference for your organization.

Use HR Excel Templates to do your job effectively, save time and improve the quality of your work and your results

While HR managers face many critical challenges on a daily basis, there is nothing worse than being unorganized and unprofessional which impacts your career and your HR performances.

One of the key challenges of human resources management are:

  • managing the employee performance evaluation with an organized and effective system throughout the year
  • HR reporting – monitoring and measuring HR metrics and HR KPIs
  • developing and managing HR dashboards and HR scorecards
  • Balanced Scorecard initiatives
  • organizational changes and everyday activities

At the same time it is a big challenge for HR management professionals to keep up with the latest technology, applications, software and tools – the fancy and expensive tools that promise a lot but do not solve your problems and challenges.

While working with hundreds of HR management professionals during the last decade on developing HR software, HR applications, HR processes… we learned the following issues and challenges faced by HR professionals:

  • Employee performance evaluation is a one-time approach / project that generally happens once a year. This is the most stressful time of the year because they waste the entire month on preparing the reports without data collected throughout the year and many evaluations and reports are not really based on data and evidence collected during the year.
  • There is no up-to-date or continuous employee feedback – employee surveys are not common practices but once in a while projects and they do not deliver the desired benefits. Suddenly organization wide initiatives will ask for HR data and information but most of the required data is of course not available. This is another source of stress for HR management because they are clueless where to start and how to do it.
  • Balanced Scorecard initiatives require real information from HR including detailed HR reports, data, statistics, HR scorecards, HR dashboards…Lack of continuous HR reporting practices is a common issue.
  • HR reporting requirements – a lot of data and information is required but most reporting software and approaches are too expensive and complex to be managed on a daily basis.

What is included in the HR Excel Templates?

The HR Management Toolbox is a set of HR software, systems, tools and templates for HR management professionals. These human recourses bundle of products has helped hundreds of HR managers and professionals by saving them time and money and improving their quality of work and performances.

These products are effective, professional and easy-to-use tools that allow you to focus on your real job and role in your organization instead of wasting time on developing your tools, systems and reports from scratch. You can start using these products today and focus on your real job!

Here are more details about HR Excel Templates:

1. Employee Performance Appraisal Tool

The Employee Performance Appraisal System is an easy-to-use automated tool for Microsoft Excel (Excel skills not required). This product can be used by anyone who knows to open excel and type.

This product helps you continuously maintain your employee performance data throughout the year so when the time comes for employee evaluation you have everything you need in one place. Employee performance appraisal – product features and benefits:

  • Professionally organized employee performance data and information.
  • Continuously keeping track of employee performances – employee performance appraisal and employee evaluation reporting based on facts and data collected for employee performances throughout the year.
  • Instant employee performance evaluation reports – generate reports in a few seconds by clicking a button in excel. The employee performance appraisal report is automatically created for the employee you have selected and you can review, modify and print the report in a matter of seconds.
  • Customized employee performance ranking based on your company’s needs and priorities – measure what is important for your organization. You can use up to 15 different customized to your organization employee performance metrics and criteria for effective performance measurement.
  • Cost effective and time saving tool – saves you a lot of time, helps you always be organized and professional, and improves the quality of your work.
  • Instant download – you can start using this product right after your purchase.
  • This product is 100% automated with Employee Database and Employee Performance Appraisal Reports automatically generated from your excel database with a click of a button.
  • No excel skills are required – anyone can use this product.

2. HR Survey Dashboard

HR Survey Dashboard is a great tool for gathering employee information and feedback. In a matter of minutes you can develop your new employee survey questionnaire and print the employee questionnaires.

Distribute the questionnaires to the employees and after gathering their responses enter the numerical results in your excel tool. In less than one hour you can enter the responses of more than 100 employees. All reports are set for high quality printing and reporting.

Employee performance appraisal – product features and benefits:
  • Easy way to collect employee information and feedback in your organization.
  • In a matter of minutes develop your new employee survey questionnaire.
  • Print your employee questionnaire – your survey and report are set for high quality printing.
  • After distributing the questionnaires to the employees, gather their responses and enter the numerical results from the survey in your excel tool.
  • Your survey results report is created automatically – you are ready to print and analyze the results or use them in your meetings and presentations.
  • Your employee survey results are professional and fast – your survey tool uses a numerical scale for the responses so in less than one hour you can enter more than 100 survey responses.
  • No excel or survey skills and experience are required to use this tool.

3. Balanced Scorecard Toolbox

The balanced scorecard toolbox is easy to use bundle of products used for balanced scorecard initiatives like balanced scorecard reporting, strategy map creation, preparing balanced scorecard presentation… The balanced scorecard toolbox is a set of professional and easy-to-use balanced scorecard templates and strategy map tools.

Balanced scorecard and strategy map tools- product features and benefits:
  • One-page executive style quality reporting for your balanced scorecard projects, reports, meetings and presentations.
  • Customize your balanced scorecard and strategy map reports with your own metrics and KPIs for each balanced scorecard category / perspective: financial perspective, customer perspective, business processes perspective and HR or Learning & Growth Perspective. Easy to customize and modify the reports based on your balanced scorecard reporting needs.
  • You can create your balanced scorecard reports in a few minutes in excel.
  • This is a 100% automated solution – you just need to enter your data and your reports will update automatically.
  • This product includes 10 one-page executive report templates for your balanced scorecard reporting with the top 5 balanced scorecard metrics (based on surveying our customers) for each category / perspective.
  • The balanced scorecard for excel gives you an excellent insight into your overall business strategy execution and your organizational KPIs.
  • The executive one-page dashboard reports show your balanced scorecard metrics by using charts and dynamic indicators which automatically adjust based on your input.
  • Special Bonus: Now when you purchase the Balanced Scorecard Dashboard for Excel you also receive:
  • Bonus 1: Two additional Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Templates frequently used in Balanced Scorecard development projects, and
  • Bonus 2: Additional Balanced Scorecard Application for Microsoft Excel with the following fully automated Balanced Scorecard features:
  • Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Application for Excel – This tool allows you to specify your business objectives for each of the 4 Balanced Scorecard categories and create your Strategy Map with a click of a button in Excel.
  • Balanced Scorecard Performance Gap Analysis Report – This tool allows you to create Performance Gap Analysis with a click of a button in Excel based on your Balanced Scorecard Objectives, Targets and Actual Business Performances.
  • Balanced Scorecard Organizational Readiness Checklist Report – This Report will help you rank your organization and assess your organizational readiness for Balanced Scorecard Development and Implementation.

4. Excel Dashboard

Now you can develop your own customized and professional HR Dashboard or HR Scorecard Report. With the basic Excel Dashboard product you can create HR reports with a magazine style quality by simply entering your numbers in excel.

Track your organizational and HR metrics and KPIs over a 13-month period of time with this tool. You can identify trends and track your organizational performances at anytime plus print professional reports for your meetings and presentations.

Excel dashboard – product features and benefits:

  • Excellent tool for developing your HR Scorecard or HR Dashboard reports.
  • Customize your HR Scorecard with the HR Metrics and KPIs that are critical for your organization. All reports and charts update based on your input.
  • The excel dashboard gives you an excellent insight into your business by using one-page executive style reporting.
  • Now you can track the trends of all your KPIs and HR Metrics on one-page visual report.
  • The professional excel dashboard reporting saves you time and get you organized so you can always be on top of the most important developments.
  • The excel dashboard reports are excellent communication tool for your meetings and presentations.
  • You have 10 different Excel Dashboard Report Templates but you can easily make customized report changes and create your own Excel Dashboard reports and templates.
  • Instant download – you can start using this product immediately after your purchase. You can purchase and download this product in a few moments and see your business like never before!
“No Excel skills needed. Just copy or fill in your data and PRESTO… Your Reports Are Ready”

HR Excel Templates (Instant Download)


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