KPIs for Management Consulting Firms

Management Consulting KPIs Tracking and Monitoring System

When you monitor and establish KPIs for a management consulting firm, you'll identify exactly what activities boost performance. deliver immediate feedback regarding how good your enterprise is actually advancing in the direction of the goal you've set.

When you see reasonable advancement in KPIs following completing a selected type of commitment or performing your job in a certain style, performing more of the type of work this way can boost performance of the business overall.


KPIs Templates


Before you may use KPIs to analyze performance, you will want to specify the objectives for the clients are going after. The objectives help select appropriate KPIs from lots of factors that gauge your organizational performance.

Perhaps you are seeking to boost profitability, expand your current revenue, increase quality of your existing staff or maybe achieve greater outcomes for your clients. The targets you end up picking would determine which metrics are essential for the firm.

Financial key performance indicators for any management consulting firm include things like profits, sales, invoices paid, accounts receivables, net profit margin as well as billing for every client.

In addition, KPIs for consulting services overall performance incorporate client satisfaction, number of new clients and number of active/existing clients.

KPIs associated with your employees' skills might be number of training days, number of consultants receiving and also proportion of funds devoted to employees' training.

It's necessary that you pick those KPIs immediately connected to your overall objectives. Think of your KPIs as your drivers for success and not just numbers.

Although you possibly can monitor various other factors, modifications in these definitely won't be connected to what you're planning to do with the firm.

You'll need to define the KPIs in way that quickly notifies you how good you're doing.

KPIs must be timely and actionable:

  • Timely – you get the right insight at the right time
  • Actionable – you can take immediate actions to improve your performance based on your metrics

Customers satisfaction really is a very useful and productive KPI for any consultant, yet you need to establish this in a manner that clearly communicates effectiveness in a practical way.

For those who are gauging client satisfaction upon surveys using low-high scores out of 1-10, you're able to measure the KPI through assessing typical scores for general clients satisfaction or proportion of clients having result above 9.

Quantity or portion of earnings is an efficient metric in short term, although much better will be percent increase over the prior 12 months – this has a better meaning for your overall trend compared to monthly profit margin.

You must define the KPIs in a fashion that is related to what you're attempting to accomplish.

When you have outlined KPIs that are related for achieving your current targets, you're able to monitor these to clarify which actions and steps will be positive drivers towards your organizational performance.

Following completing an action, you should check the KPIs to check out what results they have. Each time you come to a decision, KPIs supply you with the right insight. Make a habit your management consulting KPIs scorecard to be the single most important tool to grow and improve your business.


Excel Dashboard Templates


Use a quick KPIs Excel Dashboard to track your consulting metrics daily.

KPIs offer you a signal for action at the time you need to act. Make sure you follow up with your KPIs and strategies daily!