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It’s a brand new month, August is here. How did our July tips help your business? We have much more coming your way this month, but don’t worry, if you missed anything we put online recently, you can catch up with it here with Mr Dashboard Weekly. Whether you’re looking to find sustainable growth, how to review your employee performances, or how to come up with top-notch marketing strategies, we can help with all of that and more. Here’s this weeks round-up. Enjoy!




You might take on the best client in the world, or perhaps you already have them under your wing. However, you will never have true safety and success in business unless you understand the 15 invaluable laws of growth. Growth is key to sustainability and success.


Here’s our 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth


Our sales pipeline management template will allow you to track your sales like never before. Whether you’re looking to change your sales stately, merely track it or see what’s been working or not, these templates are golden.


Here’s our Sales Pipeline Management Template


The 7S model management tool evaluates the seven important elements of organizing, structuring and developing a business organization. This structure is brilliant when it comes to decision making.


Learn how to use the 7S Model (McKinsey 7S Framework)


You can have the best employees in the world, but did you know the way your managers review them is just as vital? For growth, and the ultimate success you’re chasing, this must be done.


Here’s some great Employee Performance Review Tips for Managers


The Tool offers a brilliant way to develop your marketing strategies. Whatever way you’re headed, this tool can make a big, big difference. That’s why we wrote this piece on how to utilize it to its fullest.


Here’s our Developing Marketing Strategies with BCG Matrix Tool


So you’ve had a great year, right? You should complete a report on it to ensure your success continues, and growth comes your way also. Our annual report design templates offer you the perfect structure to do just that today.


Check out our Annual Report Design Templates


You could have one product that’s making your marketplace the top dog. However, one product could be holding you back also. Here’s how to check just how important your product is.




Here’s How to Evaluate Viability of a Product in your Marketplace


When it comes to your you need to know the major advantages and differences that can occur. This article will help to bring structure like no other to your manufacturing process.


Here’s our debate on Centralized vs Decentralized Manufacturing


You hear about key performance indicators and their metrics everywhere, but what do you know about them? Are your in order? After reading this piece, they certainly will be.


Check out this piece on Key Performance Indicators Metrics


Every top-level business has an operations plan in a business plan. Why, you ask? Click on the article to find out more. All we’ll tell you is a well-operated business is usually a successful one.


Read about Operations Plan in a Business Plan


Excel has so many positive aspects in can bring your business, but do you know how to prepare dashboard in Excel? If not, you’re missing out. If so, is yours how it should be? Check here for more information.


Here’s How to Prepare Dashboard in Excel


We already discussed how important YOUR KPIs are. However, your employees should be getting in the swing of tracking their very own KPIs, right? With KPIs comes growth, with growth comes success.


Here’s How to Set KPI for Employees


A business with one budget is usually one that stalls. However, one with multiple budget plans is one that is usually firing on all cylinders.


Here’s the Types of Budget Used in Business


is key to any business. However, with project management comes plenty of risks. Here’s how we can avoid them.


Check out How to Avoid Risk in Project Management


There’s no use to have an inactive . It’s never too late to start. Set your goals and objectives with these templates.


Take a peak at some Marketing Goal and Objective Examples and Templates



By using these life cycle cost analysis spreadsheets you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’ll see results. is key here.


Here’s our Life Cycle Cost Analysis Spreadsheet Templates


You need to have a top-notch production plan and control system to ensure as many problems are avoided as possible. Have you got these procedures in place?


If not here’s our Production Plan and Control System Elements


Do you know the importance of having a business sales budget? Whether you do or do not, there’s no harm in brushing up on it, right?


Check out the Importance of Sales Budget in Business Planning


Do you know what your bill for manufacturing materials should look like? Here’s how many business operate their own. Is yours similar?


Here’s an Example Bill of Materials Manufacturing


Check out or business analysis tools and techniques that will offer your business an instant upgrade. You will never let a single thing slip out of your sight after reading this.


Here’s our Business Analysis Tools and Techniques


A business model generation canvas can help anyone instantly. Here’s a template to get you going. The benefits from using these are there for all to be seen.


Take a look at our Business Model Generation Canvas Template


Have you got a business analysis body of knowledge that’s both sustainable and ever-growing? Find out for yourself.


Look at this Business Analysis Body of Knowledge


Here are some prime examples of how you can improve your quality. It’s worth it, we promise.


Check our Lean Manufacturing Quality Improvement Examples


How often do you check your types of manufacturing costs? Are you saving and making money, or are you wasting effort, time and finances?


You can see Types of Manufacturing Costs


All successful service businesses ensure they account for every single cost. Are you aware of its importance, and its role?


If not, take a look at the Cost Accounting for Service Businesses


KPIs are vital in most aspects, but have you ever tracked your KPIs for ? If not here’s some examples to get you started.


Check out our KPIs for Quality Assurance Examples


Yet again a recurring theme. KPIs are key. Here we explain what they can bring to your warehousing and distribution. You’ll have products flying off of the shelves after this.


Take a look at our KPIs for Warehousing and Distribution


Here’s a solid plan on how to define your KPIs. Once you read this- and the other KPI-related articles- you’ll see a massive improvement in almost every aspect of your business.


Here’s How to Define your KPIs





Here’s some vital financial metrics that marketing managers simply CANNOT miss. They will ensure you’re making and saving money like never before.


Look at these Financial Metrics for Marketing Managers


Have you ever tried the ABC techniques? If not here’s how to do it, and how it can help you.


Try these ABC Inventory Management Techniques


Here are how financial metrics are used in project management. You’ll be adding financially-smart features to your business within seconds of reading this piece.


These are the Financial Metrics Used in Project Management


Here’s everything you need to know about process . You’ll see an instant uptake in your PPM after reading this highly-recommended piece.


Here are some Process Performance Metrics


Sales can be key, but do you know how to define your sales funnel? Whether you do or not, there’s something for everybody to learn in this article.


Here’s How to Define Sales Goals for your Sales Funnel


Here’s some root cause analysis tools that will ensure little to no problems will take place in the coming months and years. There’s nobody that loves a problem, so why not stop it before it becomes an issue?


Check out our Root Cause Analysis Tools


We hope you enjoyed our weekly round-up. Which piece helped your business this week? Keep your eyes peeled for even more exclusive content to come this August.


Business Management Newsletter by Mr Dashboard
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