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August has been an interesting month on Mr Dashboard. But don’t worry, there’s much more to come in the coming months. It’s the mid-point of August, which means summer will soon be over. Here’s our weekly round-up. There’s bound to be something you missed- or something you want to read all over again- so what are you waiting for?



How To Keep Inventory Levels Low

Controlling your inventory can be difficult. One one hand you need plenty, but you want to keep the levels low at the same time to profit the most. Here’s how to keep your inventory levels low.


How To Allocate Production Overhead Costs

The biggest of productions require a massive budget. Which means planning. Here’s how to allocate your production overhead costs. You’ll be glad you took a look.


Operational Dashboard Examples Excel

Are you using operational dashboards on Excel? We know that we grew up thinking Excel was a little tedious, however, here’s some examples to get you started. It’ll help you, trust us.


New Employee Training Plan and Orientation Ideas

When a new employee joins you for the journey they’ll need a training plan and some orientation ideas. However, with a million things to get to, it’s clear you need some ideas. Here they are.


Monthly Budget Excel Template

All good businessmen need to budget. Are you using Excel to help you track your finances? Our will offer you a brilliant chance to track your financial situation.


Lowest Inventory Levels and Inventory Lead Time

Do you know how to achieve your lowest inventory levels, and your inventory lead time? Both things can be extremely beneficial, so, take a look at our tips on how to do just that.


Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma Manufacturing Strategies

Strategy is important. Especially when it comes to lean and six sigma manufacturing strategies. So take a look at some of ours, that’s bound to change the way your business operates.



How to Appreciate Employee for Good Work

Employees work extremely hard, but sometimes they don’t feel valued, so here’s how to appreciate their good work. Your appreciation can make all the difference in keeping them on track, and on an upwards progression.


What is the Goal of Supply Chain Management?

The goal of is extremely important. It can change the way a business works, so make sure you’re optimizing it. Here’s what your goal should be.


Benefits of Activity Based Costing

can help you spread your finances where they need to be. Many fail to do this, and those that do often don’t know the benefits. So take a look at these benefits and see what’s on offer for you.


How to Manage Change in Organizational Structure

Companies often undergo many big, big changes, but they struggle to manage the changes. Here’s our tips on how to manage your organizational structure changes. It might be the easiest, most beneficial thing you’ve ever done.


Employee Training Budget Development and Analysis

You want to train your employees to grow in to the best they can become, right? Here’s how to allocate your training budget, and how to analyze it.


How to Set Business Goals That Make Sense

Some business goals just don’t make sense. Here’s how to set goals that just make perfect sense. These goals can give you something to aim for, and you’ll notice that success will soon be coming your way.



Why You Need a Zero Based Budgeting?

You probably thought you didn’t need a zero based budgeting plan, right? Here’s why you DO need one. You won’t believe what it can do for you.


Employee Performance Appraisal Process That Works

appraisal processes can make all of the difference in their development. Heres how you can make it work for you, and the employees today.


Top Strategic Business Goals and Objectives

Any good business requires top strategic business goals and objectives in order to be successful. Here’s how you can put it all together to get the most of your goals and objectives.


Business Plan vs Strategic Plan

Is there a difference between a business plan and a strategic plan? There’s many differences. Take a look at exactly what they are.


Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Indicators Examples Reports

Here’s some balanced key performance indicator examples. By using these you’ll notice a huge improvement, and you won’t regret it.


Analytical Techniques in Project Management

Here’s some analytical techniques in that can take your business to the next level. Are you already implementing these techniques?


Understanding Inventory Shrinkage And Manufacturing Inventory Processes

Here’s how to understand your inventory shrinkage and manufacturing inventory processes. They might be able to achieve much more if you use this article to tinker your processes.


HR Goals and Objectives Examples

Here’s some HR goals and objective examples. They will change your operational structure, and they’ll improve your all-around business, and influence your long-term future.


Production Planning and Inventory Control

Take charge of your production planning and inventory control. If you do that, it’ll take care of you. Your planning and control are big impacts on your business, so ensure you’re doing all you can do.


Process Analysis in Operations Management

Your process analysis in can see your business grow rapidly. Here’s some ideas that’ll definitely provide you with some food for thought here.


The Role of Sales Reps in Today’s Selling Environment

The role of sales reps is more important than you’d ever imagine. Many claim they’re not needed in this modern time, however, here’s why they are needed now as much as they were before.


Management Control for Effective Performance Management

Here’s some management control for effective . It will change your outlook on everything. Take a look, you won’t believe what you can implement just from reading this.



How to Improve Employee Performance

Are you getting the most from your employees? Here’s how you can improve their performance. These tips will help you see rapid results, so check out the things that’ll help their improvement right away.


How to Create a Scorecard in Excel?

Here’s how to create a scorecard in Excel. Excel can be a nuisance to some, but it’s a vital part of ensuring maximum success for your business.


How to Create a Budget Plan?

Your budget plan is keen behind everything in your business. Do you know how to create a budget plan? Here’s exactly how you can do just that.


Thanks for reading this weekly round-up. What article can you not stop reading this week?


We hope you’re with us next week, everyone.



Business Management Newsletter by Mr Dashboard
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