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With the summer all but over, it’ll soon be winter, which soon means a new year. To get ahead of your competition it’s important to be one step ahead. That means it’s time to start looking at key adjustments to make now- and in 2017- that’ll see your success soar like never before. Whether you want to look at your , your customer interaction, your strategy, or your marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s this week’s round-up.



How to Manage Product Portfolio and Business Portfolio Effectively

You could have an absolutely brilliant array of products, but can you manage its portfolio? Take a look at the above and you’ll seen be maximizing the most out of your each and every product.


Typical Examples of Performance Management Issues

For sustainability and growth one thing is clearly key, and that’s performance management. However, when looking at performance nothing is ever clear-cut, and there’s often issues. Here’s some typical examples of the issues you’re likely to come across.


Overcoming Resistance to Change in Business

The key to success is to grow with your business. You must overcome your resistance to change in business. Many companies lost out when the digital age came about. You need to be ready for whatever’s next. There’s no use selling CD’s when the market is built for online music, right? Move with the times, and the rest will take care of itself.


Aligning Strategy with Operations

It’s important to align your strategy with your operations. Everything must co-exit if you’re to get the best out of every component of your business. This is why so many invest heavily in an operations manager. Because it is THAT important. Take a look at what aligning your strategy with your operations could do for your business.


Voice of the Customer Process

Many companies have great products, but their customer service lets them down. The voice of the customer is one of the most important processes when you’re growing your business. The customer is always right as they say, and that motto should be heavily relied upon for yourself. By taking care of them, they’ll take care of you and keep you on the right track to achieving your goals.


Work in Process Inventory Examples and Calculations

Are you an expert when it comes to your work in process inventory examples and calculations? Relax, we aren’t all built with that knowledge. The above will get you more than started though.


Key Performance Indicator Report Template Examples

If you’ve been a regular with us you’ll know our Key Performance Indicators are fundamental. Here are some report template examples that will get you started. Your are crucial, and this is the beginning of that journey.


Most Common Tools Used in Manufacturing Planning

You probably put a lot of time in to your planning. Well, at least you should. Here’s the most common tools used in this planning. If you’ve started check your progress, if not, this is the perfect time to get going.


Recruiting Ideas For Managers

Managers are often on the look-out for the next best thing coming their way. That means recruiting the top talent to improve your chances of success. You don’t just stumble across talent, though, right? So it’s important to ensure you have first-class recruiting ideas, ones that’ll change your work in the present- and future- and have you smiling your way to success.


Disadvantages of Outsourcing Entire Business Processes

Many businesses are keen on outworking their business processes. Of course there’s advantages. However, there’s many clear disadvantages that often go unnoticed. Take a look at the above.


Ways To Improve Employee Relations in Your Business

Did you know more people quit their jobs because of their boss, and not the job itself? Make sure that’s never an issue by reading our ways to improve your employee relations in your business. By taking this to heart your competitors will wonder what your secret is.


Employee Goals and Objectives Examples

To get the best from your employees you must set goals and objectives. Have you no idea why they should be aiming for? Here’s some excellent examples to get your team started.



How to Write a Business Report

Anybody who’s running a successful business knows just how vital it is to write a . Here’s an example of how you can write one, if you were previously unaware. A business report is certainly what separates the best from the rest.


Employee Performance Appraisal Systems Examples

Your employees work hard. They want to hear the good and the bad, however. Here are some appraisal examples. By using these your employees will stay on track, as will you, and it’ll make for a happier, more productive workplace.


Aligning Projects Business Goals and Objectives

It’s oh-so important to align your projects business goals and objectives together. Many organizations struggle to achieve this, and that’s often where they go wrong. Take a look at the above and you’ll fast-track your way to aligning everything just perfectly.


Cost Drivers Examples and How to Setup Cost Drivers

Have you given much thought to your cost drivers examples, or how to set them up? Here are some key examples, and a detailed explanation of how to do exactly that.


How to Improve Performance at Work

Many of us are working at below our best. Here’s how to improve your performance at work. This will give you the fresh perspective- and boost- that you need. You won’t be the only one to notice the different.


How to Create Dashboard in Excel

Despite many having a severe dislike for Excel, it’s important for many reasons when it comes to business. One being its dashboard capabilities. Here’s how to create a dashboard in Excel for your business.


How to Make a Budget Plan?

Have you got a budget plan for your business? If not you’ll want to get started today. If you need a helping hand then read the above, which will get you on your way to budgeting brilliance right now.


Strategic Planning Process Examples in Business

Here’s some excellent process examples for your business. By using these in your everyday business plans, you’ll notice a huge upturn in your fortunes almost instantly.


How to Create Organizational Structure of a Business

The best businesses, teams and work-places are often the ones with the best organizational structures. Here’s exactly how you can implement exactly that in to your business. It’s something that will bring everyone together, putting them firmly on the same page.


Roles of HR Manager in Business Organizations

Do you know the roles of your HR Manager in your business? If not here’s exactly what they should be doing. This will help them, and you.



Measuring Marketing Productivity Metrics

Your marketing is key to success. We know that much, right? But how do we know exactly what’s working, and what’s not? Here’s how to measure your marketing productivity using certain metrics.


Statistical Process Control (SPC) Charts

Statistical data is often key to knowing what’s working and what’s not. Here’s some charts. These will ensure you know exactly what to spend your time on, and what not to threat about.


What is Andon System and How It Works?

Do you know what the Andon system is, and how it works? If you’re unsure take a look. Even if you have a grasp on it, it’s worth expanding your knowledge on it, right?


Project Coordinator Responsibilities and Roles

Do you know what to expect from your project coordinator? Do you know their roles and responsibilities? If not, here’s a brilliant overview that will help to ensure you’re on the same page as your project coordinator.


HR Gap Analysis Templates and Examples

Do you feel comfortable with your HR Gap analysis? Here’s some templates and examples that will ensure you can get started today, or at least check that you’re on the right track.


The Benefits of Tracking Progress in your Business

Your business has been booming lately so you’ve avoided checking your progress? Not a good idea at all. Here are the benefits of tracking your business progress. Whether it’s good or bad it’s fundamental that you stay ahead of your plans at all times.


Kano Model Analysis Examples

Is your Kano model analysis in place? If not here are some examples that will ensure you’re ready to use it today. What do you think of these examples?


Thanks for reading our weekly round-up. What article was your favorite this week?

We hope you’re with us reading even more business tips over the coming week. See you next week.


Business Management Newsletter by Mr Dashboard
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