Things to Consider Before You Decide to Outsource Human Resources Activities

Outsourcing HR Activities and Functions: Within the competing business settings that business owners and managers should work, each advantage should be recognized and used to remain ahead of competitors. Numerous organizations are looking for to accomplish higher efficiency by decreasing the effect on the HR divisions by outsourcing certain human resources functions and duties.

Outsourcing impact certain duties might have on the human resources department might produce real benefits for the company. Nevertheless, managers must be cautious in the way they apply this outsourcing HR strategy to match the specific organizational goals, strategies and requirements.


Outsourcing HR


Start by creating a list of duties and roles of the HR department in your organization. Determine these roles that you could easily outsource without significant risks for the business. Assess the costs and effect on the human resources department as well as the control you need the human resources managers to apply over those duties.

Select any role or duty that could be done with constrained or without any direct immediate control and supervision by your company. Know so when you hire a contractor to do those duties for the organization, you would be in a position to control only those outcomes you want to accomplish. The way to perform the duties for your business would be defined to your outsourcing contractor.

Assess all the cost and advantage of outsourcing every activity that you are thinking about. This will mean doing some analysis about what a competent outsourcing contractor would charge in order to efficiently execute the activity on the ongoing basis. Next, you should compare costs versus impact the activity has on the human resources department.

For instance, here is a simple cost-benefit example analysis, If the human resources department employees three people at full cost of $95,000 a year in wages plus benefits – it might be the role you could outsource if you could outsource for only $35,000 a year. Always consider the risks in addition to costs when doing cost-benefit analysis.



As a conclusion, any HR SWOT analysis or cost and benefit analysis requires certain amount of data and information. Monitor your HR metrics on a consistent basis so you are in a position to make the right decisions for your HR department and for your organization. Reports like HR scorecards and dashboards and templates for HR KPIs can help you better understand the risks and benefits involved with any HR decision.