Performance Improvement Plan Templates

Using a performance improvement plan to help poor performing employees thrive can really benefit your organization. What is a performance improvement plan? A performance improvement plan will help give employees a detailed analysis of areas that they should work on.

So they can be more productive and help your organization thrive. So basically if an employee or a group of employees are under performing in your organization. You can develop a performance improvement plan to give them a report on their performance thus far.


Performance Improvement Plan Template


You don’t even have to give them a negative analysis either. You can give them a positive report to show them their strong points and motivate them to keep it up. This can help to maintain and even boost employee morale. The performance improvement plan it will give employees the right steps that they should take in order to perform better.

An example of this would be providing training and the necessary resources. It will also help to show employees the consequences they will face if the improvement is not achieved.

Furthermore it can help to build a stronger communication between you and your employees. They will see that you are always looking out for them to improve and bring more value to your organization. Not every time when an employee is performing unsatisfactorily you must give them a performance improvement plan.

You can save that for the extreme cases; firstly you can give them a verbal warning and talk to them about their performance. If performance is not improved you can give them a written letter telling them about their behavior. If none of that isn’t working; you can then give then use a performance improvement plan.

Performance improvement plans normally have 4 sections these are the performance standards, performance discrepancies, action plan and follow up review. You can see each one in more detail below.


Performance standards


This is where you are going to discuss what is expected from the employee in order to perform at a high level. You are going to show them how much work they must complete in a certain time period. Tell them how effective you want them to work. Be realistic in this section because sometimes managers go too far with employee expectations.


Performance discrepancies


You are going to discuss what kinds of issues you are having with a certain employee. Identify their weak areas. Give examples of periods when they performed poorly in order to back up your statement.


Action plan


List the necessary actions the employee must take in order to achieve a certain level of performance. Show them that you are going to give them additional training and resources in order to make them get better if necessary.


Follow up review


This is going to be a review based on the employee’s performance thus far after you have went through the performance improvement process with them. You are going to decide if an employee should continue working in your company if they are doing well. Or let them leave if they are not performing well.

In summary the performance improvement plan will help you measure your underperforming employee’s performances.

Furthermore it will help to show ways for them to improve, so they can better and be more productive. It will also help your culture as well, employees will come to respect your company more because you show you care about them and you are always seeking ways for them to improve.