Performance Measurement, Metrics and KPIs Management Systems

The Truth About Performance Measurement:

Measurement is actually quite a lot beyond tables of values as well as scorecards. Measurement might utilize numbers, however it isn't about numbers; this is regarding understanding, knowing, as well as insight., whenever carried out nicely, may have a good enormously positive as well as transformation effect on your business.

Context associated with measurement is actually really much more important compared to measurement itself!

Among the list of main reasons why the measurement is actually seldom able to provide on the positive potential is actually since it is actually nearly in no way correctly socialized, which is, built within a positive method in to the interpersonal fabric associated with the company.

It really is this particular building of the positive atmosphere with regard to performance measurement is the missing link among fundamental, measurement and also the truly transformation.

“Performance Measurement Allows You To Track Your Present Performance And Create Your Desired Future Performance”

It ought to not really come as big surprise that the majority of workers don’t especially such as or even trust the actual measurement systems in the businesses. As well as whilst 90% of organizational managers that measurement is crucial within influencing company outcomes, just 50 percent tend to be satisfied with the current processes and just 15 percent are extremely satisfied.

In addition, this is definitely an interesting paradox associated with measurement that, whilst therefore many workers wince in the mere believed associated with becoming measured at the office, these types of exact same individuals will be horrified in the prospect associated with golfing (or even, for the matter, actively playing football or even every other sport) without having keeping scores.

Actually, measurement is actually probably the actual single the majority of motivating element of sports activities as well as games.

Even individuals that flunked math within school and they are intimidated through their own taxes return spend hours collecting as well as comparing sports activities statistics, as well as discussing them along with anyone who will certainly listen.

Why might be the attitude toward measurement at the office therefore various from ambivalence in order to outright hostility?


Performance Measurement Excel Templates
Performance Measurement Templates


Simply because too many individuals are accustomed in order to measurements unfavorable part, especially the actual view that tends to comply with this a lot of conventional performance measurement continues to be viewed as the actual reward for your few, punishment for your many, and look for the actual guilty.

In comparison, upon all those events whenever measurement is actually utilized for the goal of improvement instead of to create judgments or even location blame, as well as if it is actually focused on right measures, the true power is actually revealed.

Upon individual degree, you certainly will agree it feels really way different to really obtain on the range as well as become told which you tend to be overweight compared to it really is to utilize the range proactively.

This is same range, however, within the first situation, it really is becoming used to assess, whilst, within the next situation, it really is becoming utilized to motivate as well as empower. Framework where measurement is utilized makes almost all the distinction.

Performance Measurement Assessment Questionnaire

Use these 10 questions to quickly assess your organizational performance measurement and management system. Every No answer will be a potential opportunity telling you where you should focus to get the most of your current system or execute better .

When Performance Measurement Is Actually Carried Out Right?

When performance measurement is actually executed the right way the company Itself as well as all the people within the company- it'll become impacted in a very positive way.
With Regard To The Company , Measurement Prospects for Improvements Within Virtually Every Factor Of Organizational Performance Through Accident Reduction In Order To Absolutely No Defects, Such As : Improved Technique Execution, Much Better financial Decisions, growth development As Well As Worth Capture Through Diverse Resources ( Real As Well As Intangible ), the Relationships with customers, workers , vendors, partners, synergy As Well As Synchronicity From The Supply Chain and to better forecasting Precision, Better Worker Motivation As Well As Performance and learning… and more.

Performance Measurement Assessment Questionnaire

1. Are your current, planned and upcoming initiatives being efficiently measured?

2. Is actually generally there any kind of ongoing procedure for continuously aligning and with our business strategy?

3. Are performance measurement metrics broadly recognized through the entire organization?

4. Do individuals within the company proactively pursue as well as welcome performance based feedback?

5. Do workers possess positive attitudes for metrics driven and results driven culture?

6. Are your performance metrics and key performance indicators simple to understand by everyone within your company?

7. Is actually performance measurement information becoming regularly transformed in to knowledge, understanding, as well as insight?

8. Are your organizational projects and processes measured with regard to effectiveness and not based on expenses and on time completion?

9. Does your performance measurement and management system nurture purposefulness, honesty, clarity, as well as teamwork?

10. Does your actual performance measurement system promote your business model and it is built based on cause and effect driven logic clear to everyone?


As you can see the majority issues when it comes to performance measurement and performance management are driven by your business model and culture. Once you identify your most important KPIs you can use your excel dashboard to quickly convert your metrics into a powerful performance management platform.