Quality Control Key Performance Indicators

Quality Control KPIs

Key Performance Indicators: Using key performance indicators in quality control will ensure that your product is delivered to customers with the highest quality possible. You will set up metrics to help measure the efficiency of the different processes that goes into creating your product.

As a quality control manager there is always a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You have to ensure that your testing process is fast and efficient and your products have very few defects. That’s why it’s quite necessary to use key performance indicators. So that you can track the different processes and be on top of what is going on.


Quality Control Key Performance Indicators
Quality Control KPIs, Tools and Templates


You have a lot of key performance indicators you can set up to make your quality control process easier. Below you can see a list of them.


Quality Control Key Performance Indicators Examples and Templates


Increase the number of daily test executed by 10%


For this indicator you are going to basically increase the number of daily test in your quality control process. You are going to test the different equipment to make certain they are performing efficiently. Additionally you will be testing every single detail on the end product. This will make certain that it’s of the best quality for customers.


Lower the number of severe defects found in the products by 5%

Customers tend to find a lot of defects in products. They are also the true quality testers when you really come to think of it. On the other hand, sometimes it can be detrimental to your organization when your customers find a lot of severe defects in your product.

You must see to it that over a period time if your company has the reputation to ship out a lot of poor products with many defects. You must try and change it to rebuild your company’s reputation because you can lose a lot of customers.


Reduce the number of active defects by 5% in any given time period


Active defects are active problems found in the product that is being worked on. These can be products that are sent back to your company from an angry customer. When you are working on hundreds of active defects at a time this can get confusing and time consuming.

By measuring your active defects this will allow you to put the necessary measures in place to improve your defects fixing process.


Improve the efficiency of our production equipment

To provide the best quality products to customers you have to ensure that all your equipment are working efficiently. When all your equipment are working efficiently you will produce products faster with less defects.


Improve the compliance rate of our product


No matter what industry you’re in there is going to be a set of rules your product must always adhere to. Whether it’s a privacy policy, health related policy etc. When doing quality control you have to make certain that you are always up to date on the different regulations that are in your market.

If somehow your products aren’t aligned with regulatory laws, ensure to improve the compliance rate over a period of time.


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These are just some of the few key performance indicators you can set up in your organization’s quality control process to improve efficiency. You have a lot of others that you can use. As stated before a lot of stakes is at hand when doing quality control.

You are the one who are going to report to management letting them know whether to release the product or not. So it’s really necessary to invest your time in creating proper key performance indicators. That will help in making your job easier.