Quality Plan for Construction Projects

Construction Projects Quality Plan

In a highly regulated industry like construction a quality plan is necessary to not just keep workers safe. But to ensure that the project is carried out consistently and it’s in compliance with a certain level of quality. For those who don’t know what a quality plan is well it’s a document you use to organize the project’s quality standards, specifications, resources etc.

This is really important because it helps to take out some of the chaos that comes with working on a construction project and help put some order into it. You are also going to give in great detail the different activities that need to be carried out in order to maintain quality throughout the project.


Quality Plan for Construction Projects
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Your quality plan should help describe the different types of strategies that will be undertaken when mistakes does occur. Additionally you are going to give a brief description on the monitoring and reporting processes that you are going to do to ensure that your project’s quality improve overtime. To create a quality plan for your construction project, below is a list of items you should include.

Project organization chart

In your project organization chart you are going to list and organize the roles of everyone on your team.

Training plan

Developing a training plan is really important. It is to make certain that everyone have the proper set of skills to take on the project. Regulators or managers will come to like this as well. They will see that you are making sure that everyone has a certain level of skill to carry out the project to try and maintain a specific level of quality.

Project quality communication plan

This will help you to collect, organize and share information related to quality around your quality management team. This is really important because in construction. Information needs to be shared on a timely manner to keep everyone updated on what’s going on.

Project submittal schedule

Give details on when, how and to whom information will be submitted to at a particular period of time. Documents of this stature would include reports, records etc.

Regulatory codes and industry standards

You are going to show what the different types of regulatory codes and industry standard that are applicable for your particular project.

Project specific inspections and tests

Show them the different types of inspections that will be carried out along with tests. Also include how you will record and measure each test and inspection. You can do this through an inspection and test plan form along with a quality controlled construction task form.


Include the different types of resources such as licenses, production capacity and probably even insurance that your subcontractors are going to need. Also talk about the different types of suppliers that are going to be involved in the project. Along with the different materials they will deliver.

In summary these are just some of the items that you are going to include in your quality plan for your construction project. You can even go ahead and use this list as well. These are most of the main items you must include.