Sales Pipeline Management Excel: Track and Manage your Sales Pipeline in Excel

For anyone who is in business of marketing and selling services or products, odds are you already are working with a sales process in order to manage the sales activities and generate sales.

Most of the time not really visibly described, your sales process outlines your steps to use as well as best practices to focus on whenever selling to clients or customers.

Each and every sales step identifies the jobs that should be completed to be able to go ahead and take a deal the next step within the sale.

A good sales pipeline can be an illustration of sales prospects and their status or stage within the buying process. Sales pipelines offer a review of the sales forecast and likelihood of accomplishing each sale in the process. This allows sales people and managers to predict the sales and deals which will close within certain time period.

Sales Pipeline Management Excel is a Sales Management Application for Microsoft Excel – Easy to Use Excel Application which allows users to create, maintain, and manage their Sales Pipeline data and create Sales Reports with a click of a button in Excel.

Based on your data in Excel this product will generate Sales Reports automatically so you can get a better insight into your Sales Force Performance.
By using this tool you can manage your Sales Force more effectively by saving time and having organized sales pipeline reports which helps you make better business decisions.

This Sales Pipeline Management Excel will generate Sales Reports with Weighted Expected Revenue based on your excel data such as Sales Reports by Month, Sales Reports by Sales Rep, Sales Reports by Lead, Sales reports by Sales Process Stage and Sales Reports by Product / Service Offering.

Everything is very easy to use and you can customize your data entry based on your business such as use your own sales process steps, sales reps, and leads generated by your business.

Sales Pipeline Management Excel (Instant Download)


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