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 What is SWOT Analysis?
SWOT Analysis Definition:

SWOT analysis is a and business strategy tool which recognizes the actual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats of your business. SWOT analysis is actually a fundamental, simple model which analyzes exactly what a company could and could not do along with the possible opportunities and threats.

 The purpose of SWOT Analysis

The technique of SWOT analysis is always to get information from your environmental analysis in addition to divide it in to internal elements – these are the strengths and weaknesses, as well as external elements – these are the opportunities and threats.

When it is finished, SWOT analysis can help determine what can help the company throughout achieving the goals, and exactly what limitations have to be overcome or perhaps reduced to accomplish expected outcomes.

Performing the SWOT analysis within your company might be more interesting than this may sound. This will not take a lot of time plus it allows you to consider your organization from a completely new perspective.

SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint Users
SWOT Analysis Template PowerPoint

The idea of the SWOT analysis should be to assist you to create a solid business strategy by being confident that you have thought about any of your own company strengths and weaknesses, in addition to the opportunities and threats within the industry.

SWOT is short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A good SWOT analysis is structured report on your current major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Strengths and weaknesses tend to be internal for the organization – for example branding, technology used, positioning, processes, products, etc. You are able to transform all of them eventually.

On the other hand, opportunities and threats usually are external – for example vendors, competition, costs of doing business, legal regulations, economic trends, demographics, etc. These are all given to you and normally organizations have little or no control over the external forces.

How to perform SWOT Analysis

Existing companies may use the SWOT analysis, anytime, to evaluate the transforming conditions and react in their best interest by adjusting their strategies. New companies should really make use of a SWOT analysis as an element of their business planning practice.

SWOT Analysis Template for Microsoft Word
SWOT Analysis Template Word

To obtain the best results for your business a SWOT analysis is better done by a team of individuals with various points of views and interests within your organization.

Operations, marketing, support services, HR as well as consumers can easily just about all bring about legitimate information. Additionally, often the SWOT analysis technique can be a chance to get your own team with each other and stimulate their own involvement developing a new business strategy.

The thing that makes SWOT analysis especially effective is the fact that, by using a very little time and effort, it may assist you to discover opportunities that you're able to take advantage of. Through knowing the weaknesses of the company, you are able to take care of as well as reduce threats which would in any other case get you unprepared.

SWOT Analysis Examples

Internal factors = S (strengths) + W (weaknesses)
Examples of internal elements normally analyzed incorporate:
  • Financial assets, for example financing, income sources as well as investment decisions
  • Actual physical assets, like business location, establishments, equipment and tools
  • HR elements like workforce, compensation plans, incentives, organizational structure, training, etc.
  • Use of assets effectively like advertising, brands, products, trademarks, technologies, etc.
  • Existing business processes, systems and programs like policies, procedures, teams, activities as well as software programs

Examples of external elements:

External forces impact and influence each and every organization, business and also person. If these types of elements are linked to the opportunity or threat, it really is vital that you pay attention to as well as record each one of these.

External factors usually are issues your business does not really control, for example:
  • Industry developments, such as new services along with technological innovation or even changes within target audience demands
  • Financial trends, like regional, nationwide along with global financial tendencies
  • Financing, for example contributions, regulations, taxes as well as other financial resources
  • Demographics, for instance age group, ethnic background, gender, social trends and lifestyle developments
  • Politics, safety, ecological plus fiscal polices
SWOT Template PDF
SWOT Analysis Template PDF
Examples of strengths in business:
  • Outstanding sales reps having solid understanding of your current products and services
  • Great relationships with your clients or consumers
  • Excellent internal collaboration
  • Great reputation in your marketplace
  • Effective marketing and advertising tactics
  • Good reputation for creativity
  • Trusted by your target market

Business weaknesses examples:

  • Having difficulties to fulfill customer requirements on time
  • Higher business expenses
  • Researching the market hasn't been done in a long time
  • Profit margins are very low
  • Keeping a lot of inventories on hand
  • Inadequate financial and for decision making

Business opportunities examples:

  • Comparable products and services in other markets are more expensive and of lower quality
  • Loyal and dedicated consumers asking for new features and benefits
  • Main competitor goes out of business

Examples of threats in business:

  • Competition has a relatively identical product or service
  • Competitors are creating a brand new product line and brand
  • Competitor is starting a new plant in the area
  • Consumers are paying much less for similar products and services

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