Examples of Team Building Activities for Employees

Team Building Activities for Employees: Having a culture that have a high level of employee communication can improve your organization’s performance over a period of time. Employees will get to communicate with each other often, share ideas and feel more motivated to help your organization thrive. One of the ways to improve communication within your organization is to integrate team building activities in your organization.

This strategy has been used internationally in many organizations to foster a better culture of communication. It also helps to build stronger bond within teams. You have a lot of activities that you can implement in your organization. That will certainly help strengthen communication and trust within teams.


Team Building Activities for Employees


Below you can see a list of Team Building Activities for Employees you can implement right now in your organization to help build up your teams.

FedEx days

You are going to tell all or most of your employees to stop what they are doing for a day. Next allow them to work in groups on a cool and interesting project that must be shown to the managers or executives the next day. It is named fed ex days was because the project must be delivered the next day. A lot of companies have benefited from this strategy. Especially those in the technology sector where computer engineers can work all night on a cool and innovative product. It can also be implemented once a month or quarter.

Scavenger hunts

You can organize scavenger hunts where on a certain day the different teams can work together and search for puzzles that can lead to local landmarks. It would be great if you could bring them out into a well-known forest that’s known for this. It will take out the hassle of organizing the event.


Doing charity work is also a great way where all of you can get together and donate to a cause. You guys could even go into communities, park or stream and have a cleanup day. This is where all of you can have fun while help making the world cleaner. This strategy will also give employees a different take on your company. It will show them that you are not just there for profits but also helping other persons in need.

Chili cook-off

You can have each department cook up their favorite chili recipe to enter a Chili cook-off contest. Everyone can then taste each dish and vote on their favorite recipe.
These are just some of the activities you can implement in your company right now. In order to increase communication and help build up team spirit. You have a lot of other techniques you can use, such as keeping a companywide sport event where everyone can compete against each other in teams.
As a business manager it is one of your main duties to help motivate and build rock star teams. When you have high performing teams and everyone communicating with each other sharing ideas and doing activities together. You will create a great culture and retain employees for the long term.