Top 10 Production Metrics for Manufacturing Companies

The Top 10 Manufacturing Metrics You Should Be Using On Your Excel Dashboard


With regards to metrics, it is frequently said what exactly gets measured will get done. Portion of this really is being human. Everybody has much more stacked on the plate than in the past, and lots of employees end up continuously prioritizing their particular job routines. As a result, metrics which have the interest for company and production management are usually the ones that get measured as well as advanced on by their valuable teams. Efficiently measuring, investigating, plus enhancing production metrics is just not as easy as it might seem.


Production Metrics Excel Dashboard
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Although there are specific metrics which work effectively with regard to particular work functions, it is necessary there are numerous blends of metric signals required to make sure that a bigger company goal has been fulfilled.


"Because of this, metrics have to be lined up towards greater business goals and objectives."


Management wants teams to be able to expand and accomplish a lot more than precisely what is on a personal basis regarded as achievable. Nevertheless, when objectives tend to be too complex, and also employees do not think they could be accomplished, they could stop trying and also disengage.

Because each and every objective must be powered through some form of timeline or period of time to attain the goal, a period of time factor is vital to be able to maintain everybody stay focused…


Top 10 Manufacturing Metrics Examples:


1. On-Time Shipping and delivery

This particular metric will be the percent of the time that production provides the finished item within the schedule which was devoted to the customers.

2. Production Cycle Time

This KPI measures the rate or simply time period it requires for production to make a provided product from time the actual order will be released to , to completed products.

3. Yield

This manufacturing metric shows a share of goods which are produced accurately and also to requirements the very first time in the production process without having any kind of rework.

4. Throughput

The production throughput shows you just how much product is actually being manufactured on the equipment, certain production line or the entire plant within a given time period.

5. Capacity Utilization

The capacity utilization is efficiency KPI in manufacturing. It reveals simply how much from the overall production capacity has been used in a assigned moment in time.

6. Inventory Turns

This is a well-known inventory ratio calculation to be able to calculate the actual effective utilization of inventory. It can be computed simply by dividing COGS with the average inventory utilized to manufacture these products.

7. Production Downtime

This particular metric or ratio associated with downtime compared to operating time frame is really a immediate indication associated with asset supply regarding manufacturing.

8. New Product Development

Same as product innovation metrics in manufacturing companies – it reveals how quickly new products and solutions may be brought to the market as well as usually features a mix of development as well as production times.

9. Production Cost as Percent of Sales

This is ratio associated with overall production costs versus the actual sales or revenue created by the production plant.

10. Efficiency in Sales per Employee

It is a metric showing how much sales revenue is actually created by the manufacturing plant or in some cases the entire organization, divided with the total number of personnel.


Monitoring production metrics with Excel
Tracking manufacturing metrics performance with Excel Dashboard

Now add these example manufacturing metrics to your excel dashboard to easily track your manufacturing and production metrics on a daily and monthly basis.